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Are Feeding Pillows necessary?

The arrival of a new baby is often accompanied by joy, excitement, and anxiety. After giving birth, proud, content, and exhausted new moms should soon start breastfeeding. Colostrum, the first milk secreted at birth, is very beneficial for the baby’s health.

There are many devices that help mothers feed their newborns. Some of them, like breast pumps, are well-known and frequently used. But few mothers-to-be know the advantages of using a simple and inexpensive device, the nursing pillow (also called a nursing pillow). The nursing pillow is essential because getting the correct latch depends on how you feel and hold the baby.

What is a nursing pillow?

A new mother’s breastfeeding supplies should include nursing pillows, also known as nursing pillows or nursing pillows. They are great for anyone who wants to relieve pressure on their neck and back which can be painful when holding their hand for long periods of time. They are designed to make breastfeeding more convenient and comfortable.

A nursing pillow, which is an inflatable or foam cushion designed to hug your baby while breastfeeding comfortably, is explicitly designed for this purpose. A good nursing pillow can make the process much easier, but you’ll still need a standard pillow to support your baby’s weight.

How to use the baby cradle nursing pillow:

  • Take a comfortable seat

Place the pillow behind your back and lean on it when you are ready to feed. Your baby will be easier to hold comfortably, and there will be less strain on your neck, shoulders, and back as the pillow supports your baby when sitting upright. Slide the cushions under the head and upper body if you are breastfeeding to elevate them when lying down and make positioning easier.

  • Position the nursing pillow correctly.

Place the nursing pillow on your lap and place your baby on it facing you. Your baby should be lying face down while you feed him. They should sit up straight and lean on the pillow during bottle feeding.

  • The baby should be placed on the feeding pillow.

For you and your baby to be comfortable during breastfeeding, it is essential that your baby is positioned correctly on the nursing pillow. Place them on the cushion at a 45-degree angle for easier hanging.

  • Customize the baby’s position

Once you have determined where to place your baby on the pillow, you can make modifications to help achieve the optimal nipple position. When your baby latches on your nipple correctly, he will be able to maintain a deep, tight seal around your nipple, which will promote flow and improve milk transfer.

Benefits of baby cradle nursing pillow:

  • Facilitates pregnancy

Yes, you can start using pillows before delivery. Simply use it as a back support to ease the discomfort of your last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Help baby latch on well.

The main purpose of the pillow is to bring your baby closer to your body. This is important if you want your baby to develop a strong grip. A healthy latch translates to a painless meal!

  • Help with your recovery after a cesarean section.

As mentioned above, a nursing pillow can be a great option if you are recovering from a C-section. Protects the wound and promotes rapid healing. In addition, holding your baby requires less physical effort on your part.

  • Relieves reflux symptoms

Babies often have colic and reflux. These problems can worsen if you feed your baby without proper support. A feeding pillow can help your baby prevent reflux, colic, and other digestive issues.

  • It helps you and your baby.

Fun fact: the original purpose of feeding pillows was to encourage babies to sit up! When your baby is ready to sit up (between 4 and 6 months), you can use your baby cradle nursing pillow as a support, and you can introduce him to the pleasure of sitting!

  • Develops muscle strength

You can place your baby face down on a pillow. As a result, you’ll be motivated to use your arms and legs more while strengthening your muscles.


A Baby Cradle nursing pillow is the first thing a child gets after birth. If you want to know why it is necessary for kids, this article is for you.

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