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Apetamin one of tending products in Social Media ?

Alert for hot bod drugs is Apetamin turning into the new drug of nightmares?

It’s true that there’s something appealing for quick fixes. But those pills you’re taking to look great could be doing much more damage than you imagine. The latest one is called Apetamin. It’s advertised as having the Kardashian body. However, some women who have taken the medication have been diagnosed with a condition that has been able to lead to hospitalization.

What’s the matter

The term is used to describe a miracle syrup and the active ingredient Apetamin is believed to act as an appetite-suppressant, helping people achieve a slim-thick body’ as seen in Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. In a time where celebrities are setting an industry standard for beauty through stunning photos and stunning physiques, women will take every step to emulate their style.

Apetamin is believed to be riding this trend — it attracts influential social media users to endorse it as a way to get that sexy shape with a slim waistline and a curvy hips.

The symptoms are not pleasant.

Someone who’s been there and done it, has pointed the matter out. Model and social media influencer Altou Mvuama, promoting Apetamin to her followers on social media without being aware of the issue. Then she showed ‘Dangerous Curves — Get thin, get sick Do you know what it is?

For a foreign news channel which showed how it is easy to acquire illegal lifestyle drugs. The report also sheds light on the way that social media can force girls to alter their appear. “I believe there are a lot of models and females that feel they have to make changes in their appearance because of the images is being shared on the internet,” she says in the clip.

“Back the time I didn’t do my research, and I didn’t realize how it could be detrimental to your life,” she added. A few women talked about the severe adverse effects of the drug on the show. One woman said that Apetamin made her sleepy and she even went black. Another person said that she was asleep all day long’.

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“You can’t shape your body using oral medications’

The dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty goes over the mechanism behind it. She says “It is a simple anti-histamine as any other medicine that you might take to treat colds or allergies. It typically has the result of boosting appetite. Since it increases appetite it can cause you to add weight. However, it is important to remember that it can let you gain weight in general however it doesn’t cause you to gain pounds in particular regions.

There’s no oral medicine which can force you to put on or lose weight in certain areas of your body. Don’t be a victim of thin-thick pills, or adhere to guidelines posted online by non-experts. You could experience a variety of adverse effects you might not be aware of. Make sure to consult a doctor prior to you take any medication.”

The Dr Chytra Anand, a famous cosmetic dermatologist, adds “There’s plenty of talk about Apetamin which is an appetite stimulant syrup that has gained a lot of attention because it is believed to help slim people build up weight. It’s a prescribed medicine that may cause negative consequences such as nausea and bloating, as well as drowsiness as well as slurring speech and blurred vision. It is not recommended for thyroid disorders pregnant women, heart diseases and asthma. It causes fatigue and may reduce your senses.”

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Every time you log on to your social media accounts you’re likely to be confronted with a plethora of products.

Beauty blogger and influencer Tarini Peshawaria, shares, “Looking good and well-fit is becoming more essential. This time of year there are a lot of advertisements for supplements and skincare including collagen. And biotin supplements for skin, hair and nail health. Everyone is looking for that radiant skin.

I believe that supplements can be useful when used under the guidance by a doctor. And one must balance the use of supplements with a healthy lifestyle and not take them as a replacement. I don’t believe that the “one fit all’ method is the most effective approach to products for skincare and supplements.

” She continues, “The approach should be to be aware of your needs and give your body what it needs. And then combine this with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

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