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You Can Say Goodbye to Goggle Fogging Forever With This Anti-Fog-Cleaner

Whether someone needs them for work or home, goggles protect the eyes against debris and exposure to toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, goggles have one major problem. They become fogged easily. When a pair of goggles begins to fog, it becomes difficult to see and can even present dangers. Thankfully, there is an anti-fog-cleaner that prevents fog from occurring on the lenses. Not only will this cleaner help people avoid aggravation, but it could also save lives.

What Causes Goggles to Fog?

Multiple reasons cause goggles to fog. Exploring these reasons will help individuals better understand what they can do to prevent fogging on all types of goggles.

  • When the body exhales, moisture is released that can cause fogging. A build-up of moisture is one of the primary causes of goggles fogging.
  • Another cause of goggle fogging is changed temperature. When one side of the goggles is exposed to cold air and the other to a warm face, fogging can occur because of the mix of temperatures.
  • An improper seal is also a common cause of goggle fogging. When a pair of goggles do not seal the face correctly, warm air can leak out and cool air can come in, creating fog on the lenses.
  • Some goggles also have poor ventilation which can lead to a buildup of moisture on the inside of the goggles. Goggles need to be ventilated to allow moisture to escape.
  • Another primary cause for goggle fogging is a lack of anti-fog coating. Coating the goggles with the right anti-fog treatment is essential for helping prevent fogging.

Helpful Ways to Prevent Goggles From Fogging

When a pair of goggles become fogged, lives can be in danger. The following are some of the ways individuals can prevent fogging inside their goggles.

  • Select a pair of goggles that has an embedded anti-fog coating or a proper ventilation system.
  • Wearing a sweatband can also be beneficial for helping prevent sweat from entering the goggles and causing excess moisture inside.
  • It is also essential individuals ensure their goggles fit precisely to guarantee there will be no gaps that can cause air leaks.
  • Wearers should never touch the inside of a pair of goggles because they can leave behind oils that cause increased fogginess.

Anti-Fog Sprays Prevent Pesky Fog From Forming

Foggy lenses can be more than a simple nuisance. When using the right anti-fog spray, individuals can rest assured their goggles will no longer fog like they once did.

KleerVu is a simple anti-fog spray that immediately goes to work on protecting lenses against fogging. This spray works on a variety of types of lenses, including ski goggles, swim goggles, and more. You can use this spray with prescription and non-prescription lenses.

All one needs to do is spray the anti-fog spray on the lenses and wipe dry with the included cloth. The spray leaves a thin coating on the lens that prevents fogging for up to 72 hours, so so you do not have to apply it every day. Best of all, you will no longer have to deal with goggles fogging again.

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