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Anglo-Kabarda was a rare breed that was created in the Caucasus. It is an English stallion crossed with a Russian mare. The Anglo-Karbarda, despite its size, is capable of traversing mountainous terrain. It is mostly used for riding and equestrian sports.

Physical Characteristics

The Anglo-Kabarda horse stands at 15.2 to 16 hands tall (60.8-66.4 inches,154-159 cmims), and has a dense, dark-colored, thick coat. birds facts It is also larger than other breeds. The Anglo-Kabarda is actually larger and more agile than the pure Kabarda.

However, it inherits its straight back, slightly sloped, and sure-footedness of the Kabarda. The Anglo-Kabarda also inherits its well-formed joints and sloping shoulders from the Thoroughbred.

Take care

Anglo-Kabarda horses require standard care and grooming. However, it does not require any supplemental feeding. If there is enough water, it is best to allow the horse to roam freely and graze on all year-round pastures.


Although the Anglo-Kabarda is a robust breed, it can still be susceptible to parasite infections. You can prevent this by regularly deworming.

Histories and Background

Anglo–Kabardinskaya Porodnaya-group is commonly known. The Anglo–Kabarda is technically a cross between an English Thoroughbred Stallion and a Kabarda Mare. This name literally means “English Kabarda.” 

Three main Thoroughbred

stallions are responsible for the propagation and success of the Anglo–Kabarda breed. They are Loksen (Leikki), and Lestorik (Leikki). Birds Of New York  Current breeding standards require that Anglo-Kabarda horses have between 25 percent and 75 percent English Thoroughbred blood.

There are approximately 6,300 Anglo-Kabardas today. Many of these horses are used in equestrian events at national and Olympic levels. The Anglo-Kabarda is a great sport horse. However, it’s also used in Caucasus as a farm horse and work horse.

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