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Angel Figurine Collection

Angel figurines are popular collectible items, with various kinds available to choose from. Many are hand-carved by artists while others are cast from resin and hand-painted by skilled artists. Some lack facial features for added mystique.

Berg’s collection quickly outgrew her home, so she began inviting visitors to view it at Light of Hearts Villa. Angel figurines now can be seen adorning cabinets, hutches and other spots throughout Light of Hearts Villa.

Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear is an esteemed artist renowned for creating paintings that adorn many Evangelical churches, often depicting angels preparing to sound the alarm and other spiritually significant images on canvas.

Blackshear attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago before moving to Kansas City and becoming head illustrator at Godbold/Richter Studio. Here he enjoyed a fruitful career illustrating advertising campaigns, U.S. Postal Service stamp collections (including one focusing on African Americans), and Hamilton Group collector plates.

Ebony Visions, first created by Richard in 1995 and still popular today in the United States, combines Art Nouveau sensibilities with subjects that come directly from Africa’s traditions and cultures to achieve an ethereal quality that delights viewers’ eyes. Some angels display wide open wings while others may fold them or even wire them shut – the angels have intricate details and elegant drapery to draw the eye in, leaving no room for error in interpretation of each artwork.


Lladro creates exquisite porcelain figurines that collectors highly prize. Made in Valencia, Spain and sold around the globe, their figurines are meticulously hand-crafted by their artists with attention paid to every detail – their designs being both distinctive and imaginative; some taking years for completion!

One way to preserve the value of your Lladro collectibles is to regularly dust them. Dust can quickly ruin their delicate details. When shopping online, be sure to view detailed photographs before making your purchase; this can help avoid scams or misunderstandings.

Detail-rich sculptures are among the most valuable on the market, yet require more time and dedication to sculpt and paint. One popular piece featuring Cinderella in her carriage took two years of carving time followed by three months baking and painting time, which accounts for their high cost – but your investment will pay off over time if you are patient and diligent!

Karen Hahn

Karen Hahn draws her inspiration for Foundations figurines from both family and faith. Her mother was an avid crafter who instilled within Karen an enthusiasm for trying different crafts from building model wooden ships and planes to sewing her own clothes.

Karen’s art conveys messages of comfort, spirituality and inspiration. Her designs draw on nature for inspiration as she creates pieces with timeless designs and an understated elegance that conveys these ideas.

The Karen Hahn Collection presents their On Wings of Love Figurine. Hand-crafted from artist’s resin and delicately hand-painted with soft pastel hues, it features a final light spray to further accentuate its soft powdery finish. At its center lies an alluring genuine Swarovski(r) crystal that shines as an inspiring keepsake or present! With such limited supply available only today don’t delay! Strong demand is anticipated as this piece is only available as one limited-edition design!

Jim Shore

Jim Shore’s collection of angel figurines is an eye-catching way to bring color into any room, mixing folk art and traditional themes for stunning pieces that combine beauty with spirituality. You’ll find four seasons angels, holiday angels and love angels (some featuring scrolled messaging on their lower parts). In addition, Ebony Visions angels add African American perspective as well.

The Thomas Kinkade Alzheimer’s Charity Angel Figurine Collection showcases five stunning angel sculptures featuring cascades of forget-me-not flowers – a symbol of Alzheimer’s awareness – and golden lanterns, all hand-painted exquisitely in artist’s resin by hand-paint artists. You can collect all five angels in this limited edition through subscription at The Bradford Exchange with new issues being sent at regular intervals; cancel at any time without obligation and donate some proceeds from sales of this collection directly to Alzheimer’s research efforts! A portion of proceeds from sales of this collection will go towards Alzheimer research research initiatives!

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