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An Ultimate Guide To NDIS Plan Management Guidelines

Before joining the NDIS plan, learning the guidelines is crucial. The guidelines consist of every person accountable for delivering NDIS support, handling NDIS funds and editing service agreements. Other things involved include regular plans update, easy data access and proper payments. Here is more information on NDIS pa management to help make it swift and smooth.

What does the plan manager discuss during the first meeting?

NDIS plan managers are required to adhere to NDIS plan management guidelines to ensure clients’ finances are in order. They need to manage the participant NDIS plan in a way that recognizes and supports clients’ life circumstances and goals. So, these professionals must follow all the guidelines. In the first meeting with the client, your role as a manager has to be established and agreed upon. In the first meeting, you discuss the following:

The role of each party in ensuring support obtained aligns with the participant’s NDIS plan.

  • How much funding the participant has in their plan
  • How invoicing is to be conducted
  • Plan manager processes for paying invoices
  • How will the management of the client’s budget be conducted?
  • The management and solving of disputes

Guidelines NDIS plan managers

  • Proper payments- A plan management provider has to ensure invoices they get from providers align with the client’s plan. They also have to arrange for prompt payment of invoices from service providers. The stipulated time is two business days after receiving payment from NDIS.
  • Correct payments- As per NDIS management guidelines, the clients’ NDIS funds are spent as per their plan. 
  • Regular updates- NDIS plan managers are required to supply financial statements every month to their clients. The reports should update the participant about the amount spent. It should include the previous report, the remaining balance and if the spending aligns with forecasting.
  • Full payment history- In case a participant changes to a new plan manager, you must provide their comprehensive plan payment history.
  • End date agreement- Participants sometimes may opt out of a different style of plan management. Therefore, you must agree on the end date, after which you will no longer provide your services. 
  • Access- As per guidelines, NDIS plan management guidelines require you to enable your clients to access a wide range of registered providers.

Benefits of professional plan management

  • Streamlined claim processing

The submission and processing of NDIS claims can be stressful. One requires understanding complex codes, and the portal is tough to navigate. However, professional NDIS plan managers have the knowledge that makes the claiming process. They ensure the payments come in days when working with these professionals.

  • Selecting your providers

With plan managers, you have the same benefits as people who are self-managing their plans. You are also not limited to selecting NDIS-registered providers to pick the best options for your needs. Additionally, they also ensure providers charge within the NDIS price guide limits.

NDIS plan management is crucial for NDIS participants. However, it recommended plan managers follow the stipulated guidelines. It will ensure that the NDIS participants get the fullest support. Additionally, you get lots of benefits from using these professionals.

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