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AMZScout Pricing Plans & Deals 2022

When you first start selling products on Amazon, the process may be difficult because you will spend a lot of time and resources trying to sell something that will not attract customers.

You can track products while collecting metrics and getting an overview of the marketplace as a whole with an Amazon product research extension like AMZScout. But it will not be easy.

Price Range (web app)$29.99 – $1499
Price Range (Pro-Extension)$44.99 – $499
Discount (Coupon Codes)Yes
Free Account & Trial (Yes)AMZScout Black Friday Free Account
Money-Back (Yes)10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

AMZScout Pricing 

Amzscout pricing plans

AMZScout provides two options: the Amazon Seller’s Bundle and the PRO Extension.

A monthly subscription to Amazon Seller’s Bundle costs $49.99 per month, an annual subscription costs $29 per month, and a lifetime license costs $1,499 per year.

You will have access to the following features whether you pay monthly or annually:

  • PRO Product Database Extensions
  • Exploration of keywords
  • Product search ideas abound.
  • Examine the trades of competitors
  • Examine what’s simple to sell.
  • Look for items with little competition.
  • Friendly and quick service Support

You can cancel your subscription by contacting the AMZScout customer service team. If you paid with PayPal, you can also cancel within your PayPal account.

The AMZScout web app is compatible with any modern browser, but the Chrome extension is not. The tool can be used on up to five different computers under one account at the same time, as long as users log in with the same account that the license was created with.

The AMZScout Chrome extension supports Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, India, Mexico, and Italy, while the web app supports all of these countries, including Mexico.

Amazon Pro Extension

One of the best things about the AMZScout FBA tool is the Amazon PRO Extension. It’s a powerful tool to help you find profitable products to sell, test ideas, and learn more about the market. Also, even though the browser extension can do a lot of things, it is easy to use.

It’s free to use, but the free plan doesn’t have as many features as the paid plans. You can get it here for free.

When it comes to how much the AMZScout PRO Extension costs, a one-time payment is $44.99 per month.

If you choose an annual plan, you pay a maximum of $197.99 per year, which works out to $16.49 per month.

Again, the yearly subscription is the smarter choice because when you add up the monthly payments, you save more than half of the total price.


Using categories or keywords, you can filter your search for products using the following criteria: price, number of reviews, estimated sales, seller type, product tier, weight, best seller rank, estimated revenue, product rating, number of sellers selling the product, date the product first became available, listing quality, and net margin.

There are 44 filters in all.

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