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Amazon Publisher Services Complete Guide

The Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), (UAM), and Shopping Insights are parts of online self publishing services.

According to market share, Amazon is ranked third among digital advertising platforms, behind Google and Facebook. By 2022, it is anticipated to increase its share of the US advertising market to 12.7%. This unexpected growth indicates that Amazon has been effective in providing its users with enhanced and tailored features and services. Additionally, it rivals Google in terms of usability, security advantages, and auction dynamics.

Services Amazon Offers To Publishers:

As the name implies, Amazon Publisher Services (APS) helps web and app publishers monetize and expand their online presence. It is cloud-based service that unifies all of products that Amazon has developed for publishers into a single suite. They are as follows:

Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM):

Similar to Google’s Open Bidding, it is a server-side header bidding solution for online publishers’ services. With capabilities like direct Amazon demand access and interoperability with other publisher ,TAM is made with enterprise publishers in mind.

Here are some of Transparent Ad Marketplace’s salient characteristics:

20+ demand partners, including AppNexus, OpenX, RubiconProject, and SpotX, are available on the Amazon Marketplace. Publishers can also add their own partners to the Amazon TAM by bringing them with them.

Publishers can toggle any bidder on or off from the APS portal without constantly changing the website code.

To produce accurate and transparent data, Amazon keeps track of time frames for each auction and the bidders that placed bids for each impression, the bid CPMs, and the winner.

It offers dynamic display banners and pre-roll video on desktop and mobile browsers. In-app video and display modules need their own SDK integration.

The active interface with the multi-slot top-corner bidding tag of Amazon Publisher Services is the only technical prerequisite for using TAM. Publishers also require a written agreement with any demand partners they wish to work with.

Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM):

Amazon is aiming this service at small and medium publishers. Best book marketing services can manage their ad campaigns using this server-side header bidding technology. These are some advantages of utilizing it:

It provides solutions for common header bidding integration issues, such as dealing with several contracts and disjointed reports.

Publishers can distribute advertising from a variety of demand partners, including Amazon, thanks to the one contract and integration feature offered by .

By putting a single piece of code into the website and managing bidders from the Amazon dashboard, publishers can also avoid the inconvenience of ongoing updates being made to the website code.

Unified Ad Marketplace is a plan available only via invitation. Once a publisher accepts an invitation to use it, they can access the dashboard by following a few easy integration procedures.

What Kind Of Information Is Used For This?

The only data used by Amazon Shopping Insight is first-party information. For instance, if your report indicates that 30% of your users are from the Electronics segment, this means that 30% of your users recently looked for, browsed, or bought Electronic products on Amazon.com.

All US publishers who use Transparent Ad Marketplace and have desktop and mobile websites that receive more than 5000 unique visits per day are eligible for this service.

Overview Of Amazon Publisher Services:

Amazon Publisher Services are only available in select countries, like the US. After you submit it, an Amazon representative will get in touch with you to go through the specifics.

As was already noted, not all publishers are eligible to use Amazon Publisher Services because of factors including size, market niche, and location. With the services you require, your account manager will be better able to assist you. If Publisher Services is not an option for you to employ on your own, you can attempt ad networks that provide TAM/UAM (like AdPushup).

Who Is Eligible To Utilize Amazon Publisher Services?

As was said in the preceding sentence, APS is not willing to collaborate with any and all publishers. Small-sized publishers cannot use this platform; it is only appropriate for large and mid-sized publishers.

There are certain reservations, even when large and midsize publications are taken into account. For instance, it is perfect for publishers who want to use TAM to have contracts with demand partners. Similar to UAM, UAM is a suitable platform for mid-sized publishers, but accessing it requires an invitation, making it challenging.

Amazon Vs. Google:

Amazon is a newcomer to the advertising sector, but the corporation has figured out how to prosper, as evidenced by its exponential development. However, Google’s years of expertise enable it to hold onto the top spot in the digital advertising business.

When it comes to Amazon’s recent success, its eCommerce service is crucial. Because of this, advertisers receive a 10% conversion rate from Amazon, compared to 3.75% from Google.

According to a recent survey by Digiday, advertisers are shifting more of their search budget away from Google and toward Amazon.

Publishers have been utilizing services due to an increase in marketers’ interest in Amazon.

While Amazon appears to be dominating product search ads (mainly to the advantage of advertisers), Google still maintains a firm hold on programmatic advertising.

Google excels in terms of overall efficiency, reporting capabilities, user-friendliness, and its capacity to weed out dishonest and fraudulent advertisements. Google consistently outperforms Amazon when it comes to sell-side business in terms of monetization potential, auction dynamics, and fraud protection.

This increases the need for publishers and the sell-side to continue using Google for revenue.

While Google and appear to be the clear winners, it’s important to remember that publishers have access to a wide range of alternative supply-side platforms. And based on a recent survey, it appears that these other SSPs lag these digital behemoths by only a few percentage points.

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