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All you need to know about LED grow lights for growing cannabis

Cannabis, like other plants, needs only three things to survive, soil, water, and sufficient light. However, if you grow cannabis inside your home, you cannot provide it with enough sunlight. It is when the best-LED light for cannabis comes to play.

Here we have discussed all the necessary things one needs to know about LED grow lights for growing cannabis, both personal and commercial. So if you are interested, let’s start reading.

Why do you need LED to grow lights for growing cannabis?

The fundamental plant biology says that a plant needs three major elements to grow. These are soil, light, and water. However, when you plant cannabis indoors, you can only supply water and good soil to it, but not the natural sunlight. Although you place your tree near your window, the lighting is insufficient, especially if you live in a congested area. As a result, without getting enough light, the plant will fail to make chlorophyll, which gives a plant the substance of living. Since plants can not eat the same way humans do, all three substances are a must for the healthy growth of any plant, including cannabis.

Furthermore, photosynthesis is a crucial part of a plant’s life. In fact, the word, photo here refers to light, making it an inevitable part of a plant’s life. Hence, providing it with enough light is essential to ensure healthy growth. Without getting anyone among water, light, and soil, a plant can die.

That is why you should always use artificial lighting to compensate for the lack of natural sunlight when you want to grow a plant indoors, especially a hard plant like cannabis. The LED is a great option to replace natural lighting for growing cannabis.

The top benefits of using LED lights for growing cannabis

Many lights are available in the market; however, plant lovers always select LED lights for growing cannabis indoors. Do you want to know why? Well, it is because LED lights, along with providing the much-needed lighting to plans, make sure to keep your electricity bills low. So let’s have a look at the top benefits of using LED grow lights for growing cannabis at home.

LED lights are energy saving

Although LED lights are a little bit more expensive than other lights, these always work as a better energy saver in the longer run. You cannot find a better light than LED if you want to keep your electricity bills under budget. Using the best-LED light for cannabis can save up to 70% of electricity than using other lights. Additionally, these lights do not get faded with time. Altogether, its efficient energy-saving characteristic makes it the number one choice of plant growers.

Environment friendly

LED lights are extremely environmentally friendly. Along with saving lots of energy and electricity bills, these lights make sure to protect the environment. The eco-friendliness of LED lights makes it an excellent option for plant lovers. Additionally, these lights are recyclable.


You can never find a more durable light than LED in the market. However, these lights are more expensive than some ordinary lights available on the market, they can work for 3 to 4 years if used carefully. The best part of LED lights is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury and, therefore, are safe for plants.

Low maintenance

Conventional lights need sockets, bulb fixtures, ballasts, reflectors, and much other equipment. Although the lights are inexpensive, maintaining them can sometimes be really costly for you. But, when it comes to LED lights, you do not have to get worried about these things. You have to buy the best-LED light for cannabis from the market, and you are good to go.

Safe for cannabis

Cannabis needs lots of light soil and a good amount of water to survive indoors. Therefore, you should always get your hands on a grow light then can get hanged closer to the plant. While using any other lights can produce lots of heat, LED lights do not do it. Therefore, you can use LED lights as long as needed without getting worried about these things.

What are the different types of LED grow lights available for cannabis?

There are so many different types of LED grow lights available for cannabis. Let’s have a look at the most used ones among them.

  • Spread light
  • Quantum Board
  • Spider-style grow light
  • Traditional panel
  • COB style


These are all you need to know about LED grow lights for growing cannabis indoors. So, as you have seen so far, LED lights are the best option for ensuring the healthy and effective growth of cannabis inside your home without causing lots of expense. So, get your hands on the best-LED lights right away and grow your favorite cannabis indoors.

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