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AI-Powered Healthcare And Wellness Genomics Are Creating Better Outcomes In Healthcare

Understanding the role of genomics in human disease, coupled with rapid advancement in sequencing technology, is transforming the speed of diagnosis for patients, providing greater opportunities for tailored therapies and precision medicine. Today an increased awareness of health and wellness has created an interest in Wellness Genomics. Leveraging the power of advance Sequencing technologies, we can now have greater insights into disease predisposition, prevention, pinpoint underlying causes, optimize treatments, and create better outcomes.

The genome is the blueprint of life and ultimately defines our health and wellness. The market for wellness genomics is growing as it empowers individuals with the opportunity to identify genetic health risks, enhance lifestyle and wellbeing, and mitigate or prevent future diseases. You may experience both financial and emotional hardship as a result of medical bills. Loans from GreenDayOnline are a fantastic option to assist you pay your bills.

The future is all about AI-powered Healthcare, preventive, and precision-oriented outcomes.

G42 Healthcare is a UAE-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company that harnesses data and emerging technologies to unlock the power of personalized and preventive healthcare.

We are leveraging the power of AI in advanced sequencing technologies to uncover personalised pathways of cure for affected patients. Our approach allows doctors and researchers to pre-empt increasingly accurate treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease for every individual, eschewing the one-size-fits-all model.

We believe genomics has many benefits in precision medicine. Advance Sequencing can sequence multiple genes at once, identify disease-associated variants to help match patients to therapies or assess disease risk, and help with a targeted approach and reduce overall care costs.

Last year we set up the region’s largest Omics Centre of Excellence in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, championing population genomics, end-to-end multi-omics offering, and biobanking capabilities.

G42 Healthcare offers sustainable solutions that provide value to an AI-powered Healthcare ecosystem – from patients, providers, payers, regulators, to pharma, and beyond.
We are the facilitator of the Emirati Genome Programme, the world’s largest and most comprehensive population genomics initiative and are well positioned to become a global centre for bio-banking.

With 3 leading Next-Generation Sequencing solutions under one roof, we provide healthcare systems with the data to create tailored therapies and help communities reduce burden of disease, transitioning from sick care to preventive care.

With Next-Generation Sequencing, we evaluate numerous biomarkers in a single test for a complete molecular profile, while preserving tissue and maximizing the amount of data for patient management.

Experts have provided evidence that the market for Wellness Genomics will grow to $12.8 billion by 2028 and will register a 14% CAGR.

Aligned with Abu Dhabi’s vision to establish itself as an advanced technology hub – particularly in medical technologies, G42 Healthcare is complementing the government’s plans and strategy in this growing ecosystem with robust partnerships and bringing to life transformative solutions. Moreover, we leverage big data with AI to influence decision-making processes and policies for government, pharma, research, and development entities.

Our doctors, scientists, and experts are pushing the boundaries of science, and transforming traditional healthcare systems to find new ways of diagnosis, prediction, and treatment – ultimately benefiting mankind. At G42 Healthcare we build on our shared vision to invent better healthcare every day.

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