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About Spade Survey

We are a market research and data collection company having proprietary panel of 600K+ respondents spread across USA, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, UAE and Egypt, providing samples from consumers, healthcare, telecommunications, IT, automobiles and other industries to market research companies, manufacturing companies and other technology companies, we are expert in data collection whether it is qualitative or quantitative study in US, UK, Asia Pacific and Middle East & North Africa. We have our specialized team who are focused and experienced in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region, we are specialized in both primary and secondary research data collection.

Our dedication and experience for US, Europe with Asia and MENA markets bring profound solutions for qualitative and quantitative data collection requirements. We have an excellent reputation, known around the world for our quality and expertise

Spade Survey- CATI Service (Telephonic Survey)

With more than 10 CATI stations, Spade provides CATI services to its clients. We have experience of more than 10 years in the region, we provide accurate and reliable data to companies.

Our services are very transparent, and we provide up to 100% audio recordings of completed survey

Recruitment services with client’s database or from Spade’s panel

Spade is committed to give its clients quality data in each study. We can work with client database for recruitment and if required we use our panel for the same.

CATI is known to be cost effective as it saves travelling time and cost and can be targeted as per ad hoc requirement of client.

Studies We Perform Under CATI Research

CATI services can assist you with in-depth study of a wide range of business elements. This service can help you in understanding consumer, market, and other behaviour patterns. The studies covered under CATI research includes the following

  • Urban and rural studies
  • Buyer behaviour and market segmentation analysis
  • Quantitative pricing research
  • Report creation and presentation
  • Event feedback survey
  • Ad response testing
  • Data analysis
  • Product development and usage studies
  • Customer experience and satisfaction surveys

How we perform CATI Market Research at Sade Survey?

You can receive world-class CATI system outsourcing services from Spade survey. The steps below will provide you a brief review of our work.

Step 1:

With the help of the interviewer, our in-house experts collect customer feedback via a planned questionnaire. It helps to gather accurate CATI data.

Step 2:

The call centre professionals are given the onscreen questionnaire. It helps us in obtaining responses from possible respondents.

Step 3:

The interviewer reads the questions on the screen after connecting via phone. After that, we keep records of all of the survey responses.

Step 4:

We keep collecting information. It also assists us in quickly and simply compiling temporary and updated reports.

Key Elements of our CATI Market Research Services

To use a CATI Questionnaire That Works:

We craft effective questions that elicit insightful responses. The acquired data is subsequently coded and updated in the database by our CATI system.

Generating Appropriate Responses:

We may simply find disparities in respondents’ responses using the built-in logic programme. We then use probing to get the best possible result.

Error-Reduction Techniques Development:

We use techniques like auto-dialling, randomising call attempts, and managing time zone differences to reduce human error.

Efficiency Improvement:

We preserve records of the customer compliance telephone interview and have a customer feedback option in place to ensure continual development.

Analysis and reporting services:

As an effective provider of CATI services, we conduct an in-depth study of crucial data before creating the report by accessing relevant data through voice recordings.

Call-scheduling program that runs on autopilot:

Our CATI study is based on computerized call scheduling, which allows for time zone adjustments and call prioritization, resulting in a more efficient survey.

Industries we serve

We offer CATI questionnaire services to diverse industries like

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Automobiles
  • Telecommunication
  • Hospitality

Why is our CATI Research Firm one of the best?

Our interviewers are regularly trained to ensure the reliability and data quality, and we are committed to quality at Spade survey. Our interviewers encourage respondents to complete the survey as well as provide correct information.

We provide them with training programmers and careful monitoring in order to make sure that interviews both are beneficial and effective to the client’s organisation.

We make a comprehensive questionnaire to collect responses, as well as tabulations, graphs, and reports. However, it is not the only benefit of using our services.

  • Our corporate reporting system collects data in real time and enables for data analysis.
  • Our computer-assisted interview is fully transparent, access online to interact with the system at any time.
  • Our telephone interview processing services include CATI while offering other solutions like CAPI and CAWI in 20+ languages.
  • With the interview recordings, our auto dialling technology ensures fewer manual errors and more valuable responses.
  • For our clients, our CATI outsourcing services offer complete data security and confidentiality of the obtained information.
  • We keep our telephone survey services at a low cost so that they can fit into the budgets of a variety of enterprises.

Utilizing CATI services from Spade survey can help your business increase profits while lowering costs. If your business has a high consumer base, it will be more useful to you. So, provide us your project requirements and then we’ll make sure your company runs smoothly.

We support following languages:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • All regional languages of India
  • Chinese, Mandarin
  • French
  • Italian
  • Germany
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Nepali
  • Urdu

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