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A physiotherapist’s or massage therapist’s typical day

The physiotherapist, contraction of the profession of masseur-physiotherapist, is a therapist. Whose profession is as much focused on the skeleton as the different functionalities of the body. Savanna Medical Centre His daily life will be very different depending on whether he works as an employee or as a liberal. However, the common denominator remains its objective of relieving, re-educating or maintaining. Human gestures by using methods of medical gymnastics or massages.

His skills are very broad both in the field of sport, with relaxation or fitness actions. And in health and well-being with the use of thalassotherapy.

Workplace And Career Development Of The Masseur-Physiotherapist

The place of work of the physiotherapist exercising as an employee will be the hospital. Having a status in the public service, or in private clinics, as well as postoperative rehabilitation centres.

Whatever the place of practice chosen, a strong versatility is preferable. Such as rheumatology, cardiovascular or respiratory disorders, neurology, orthopaedics or rheumatology.

If the duration of the studies of the physiotherapy professions is 4 years. The fact of exercising the profession of a physiotherapist as an employee induces having to consider in the near future. Training of executive in order to be able to evolve in his professional environment. .

This executive diploma, accessible after 4 years of professional experience. Will allow the specialist to take the head of a service or to become a trainer in physiotherapy.

In addition, an introduction to physiotherapy in geriatrics or pediatrics is also interesting. In general, salaries in the public service are, at the start of a career, around 1600 euros, with a gradual evolution depending on the clientele that the physiotherapist has retained.

The Advantages And Difficulties Of The Profession

Job security is the benefit of being in a hospital setting. Private sector employees can often expect higher remuneration according to their specialties and professional experience. On a daily basis, the exercise is done in accordance with a defined schedule, with sometimes an alternation between the different specialties of the profession of physiotherapist masseur.

When choosing the profession of a physiotherapist, the alternative of exercising as a liberal can be interesting in the long term. If the daily life of a physiotherapist exercising in private practice will be different according to his level of establishment, the exercise often involves alternating between home visits and office sessions.

The difficulty of getting started as a liberal is at the start, with the need to create a clientele, and investments to be made in equipment to be able to carry out the sessions. Versatility is less imperative because a physio setting up will have to favor a specialty to stand out, depending on the density of the competition. Osteopathy, chiropractic, or sports physiotherapy, for example, are options that generally turn out to be very interesting.

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