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A Guide to Putting in Hair Extensions with Clips

When you stop to think about it, putting in hair extensions by yourself might be a cost-efficient approach to give your hair more body and length. However, this is a procedure that you need to make sure you are informed about before you begin. After all, this is absolutely not something that anybody can undertake without doing a little bit of study beforehand. Once you take the time to learn everything about extensions and the appropriate manner to apply them, you may end up with an absolutely professional finish for a fraction of the expense.

The sort of results that you acquire after you start the procedure will largely rely on the type of hair extensions that you pick as well as the technique for application. This is one reason why a lot of individuals will make the journey to a salon to get their extensions in their hairs by a professional. For obvious reasons, extensions that clip on may simply be placed at home without any help. For extensions that you would want to be glued to your head, then it is crucial that you have someone present who can guide you through the whole procedure.

General guidelines to begin the procedure will involve the selection of the hair that you will be utilizing to construct extensions.

Putting in Hair Extensions with Clips

Consumers typically think that if the hair extension packaging is poor, the interior product will also be poor. Synthetic hair is a popular alternative, which also costs a substantial amount less than genuine hair. The other tools that you will need in order to put hair extensions will be a nice pair of scissors, a fine-toothed come, and of course, binding glue. There are various varieties of binding glue out there on the market nowadays, so make sure that you select a decent brand that is as similar to your natural hair color as possible.

Before you begin the application procedure, make sure your hair is clean and dry. Once you are ready to apply for the hair extensions, you can then start by splitting your hair in the back of your head so that you end up with a section that is approximately two inches in thickness. Make sure the remainder of your hair is picked up and secured out of the way with a clip or band. You will now want to take and apply the bonding glue to the threading on the track of hair that you have selected to be applied. It’s time to push down one end of the hair track into the new portion you’ve made and then slide your finger over the track to secure the rest of it. There might be a 30-minute wait before you can take your fingers out.

Nowadays, adding hair extensions is a common practice for many people. The transformation from short or medium length to long, full hair may be accomplished in only a few minutes with the help of high-quality extensions. In this article, you will learn the proper technique for installing hair extensions.

Step 1

It’s important to make sure your natural hair is dry and detangled before you start. Make sure there are no knots in your extensions by laying them flat on a clean surface.

Part your hair an inch or two below your ears using your fingers, then tie or clip the top section of hair. The longest components of most extension sets are the two or three wefts intended for the back of the head.

Use the tiniest weft to clip the part of your hair that isn’t already tied back. Beginning at the back of your head, trim as near to the roots as you can using the middle clip. Tease the portions of your hair where you want to connect the clips and use hairspray if you have fine hair or are concerned about the extensions falling out. If your hair is really clean, this step may not be required.

After the first clip is in place, connect the side clips as near to your face as feasible without causing any bunching along the weft.

Step 2

After the first weft is in place, pull down a half-inch of hair and detangle it well. Make use of the second longest weft in your set in the same manner as the first.

The central clip is what you should place at the nape of the neck. Also, the remaining clips are what you have to fasten on each side of the head as near to the face as the wefts will allow.

The area of your hair that will be clipped has to be teased if your hair is fine. This is the longest weft included in a typical set of hair extensions.

Step 3

A typical pack of clip-in extensions will include two or four uniformly sized wefts. The sides of the head may be adorned with these wefts.

You’ll need to remove your hair from your eyebrows in order to apply these wefts. Take a weft in each hand and begin on opposite sides of your head; this time, attach the clips furthest from your face first.

In as far as the weft will allow, clip the remaining clips behind your head. Use the complementary weft to do the same thing on the other side.

Step 4

After step 3, you’ll be down to two or four tiny wefts, each no more than an inch across. There is no certain way to properly position these frontal skull implants. They’re available to fill in gaps. Also, their effectiveness mostly depends on how your natural hair is styled.

The first step is to let down all of your hair and clip it in wherever you perceive gaps, bearing in mind that the hair accessories are meant to frame your face. To conceal the weft, you may simply clip in extensions and raise your hair up a few inches. Depending on your preferred hairstyle and cut, you can even discover that you like to wear just three of the tiniest wefts on one side of your head while the other half is left bare.


If you want your hair extensions to stay, but after you’ve glued them in, you need to blow dry your scalp for a minute after the glue has started to set. Repeat this technique until you have added as many extensions you buy in hair extension packaging as you like. To start the next part, move up the hair approximately 2 inches from the previous one. Once you have your hair extensions in place, you may comb through them, but be careful not to pull at the tracks by using a narrow-toothed comb or a small pick.

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