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A Complete Guide About The Best Professional Teeth Whitening Process

Peroxide is also used in many OTC whitening strips, kits, and pens. The concentration of the chemicals in these products is what sets them different from those used by dentists. Your dentist will take an imprint of your teeth to create a unique take-home tray for you to use at home using a professional take-home spray. The best professional teeth whitening process tray will fit your mouth precisely, so you may expect more thorough whitening results than with an over-the-counter tray. It’s more probable that you’ll obtain a gel based on carbamide peroxide rather than hydrogen peroxide to put in the tray and use at home.

Adjustability is the key differentiator in quality

As stated by the ADA, the carbamide peroxide concentration of the gel your dentist provides for your custom-fit trays may be anywhere from 10% to 38%. It’s possible that your therapy may last anywhere from two hours to ten hours each day, and anywhere from seven to twenty-eight days. The carbamide content of commercially available trays is comparable. In contrast, a custom-made tray will snugly fit around your teeth, leaving little leeway for the whitening gel to seep up into your gums or miss any inaccessible areas. In-office laser teeth whitening by a trained specialist is safe.

Bleaching-related sensitivities

Conflicting findings have emerged from recent studies, with some suggesting that this approach results in the least sensitivity. Researchers have shown that bleaching chemical, not the procedure, is the primary factor in bleaching-related sensitivities. Some NJ in-office teeth whitening near-me dentists may advise against this procedure for patients with sensitive teeth because of how quickly it works. A take-home kit from your dentist is the finest option to whiten teeth professionally at home. The first step in this procedure is to see a dentist so that imprints may be made of your teeth. These are what get utilized to make your personalized trays, which will have a tight fit in your mouth and distribute the gel evenly.

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