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99math: a knowledge based game


99math is a game for primary students to improve their math and to save their time and their lessons. It is an game based maneuver so nearby is no want to worry application that help the children to entertain their self during study. It is very simple game that helps us to increase our knowledge.

How we can have access to the game

It is very simple and easy to have access to the game. The user have to simply signup in the game after the process of signup have been finished the user can easily have access to all the features of the game. However there is no need for the student account.

How the game is played

99math is a very interesting game that is played by the primary students. The game can be played by many different ways. The game will automatically setup some math questions and the student have to answer these questions. Another way to play the game is that teachers will automatically setup the questions and the students have to answer those questions. 99math helps the teacher a lot and tells you that what needs to be lookout to see the better progress of student.

Create a game

Before starting the teacher have to create a game. For creating game teacher has to look for the topic on which the game is to be managed. The teacher can easily select the topic from the screen. All the topics are checked out by the math teacher. When teacher select the topic that the student is going. To practice the device automatically show you the questions that are most easily understand by the students. We can click on more to see more questions. All the tasks are automatically created by the device so there is no need to worry. Once the user is done with managing the game the user can press the game mode button below.

There are actually two types of game modes. One that we can start as live by playing with class fellows in groups and other game mode is as a homework. Both game modes leave control on the user as it will tell you how long the game is going to be. After completeing all the steps you are ready to invite your students or friends in the game to start playing it.

Students interest in the game

After the game is all ready by the teachers and all the math questions are managed by the device the students are invited in the game by the teacher. The interest of the student is automatically developed in the game.

Advantages of playing this game

There are many advantages of playing this game mostly for the students. Usually students play this game for fun but the game helps them to improve their math. This game have many modern features that provides the student an entertaining environment. Students love to play this game. This game has make math easy for the students.


This game is awesome and is all about math teachers uses this game to cover the syllabus easily. By using this game students are able to learn math easily and quickly.  

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