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9 Things to Remember while Buying Birthday Gifts

You can get plenty of gift ideas when you search on google, but it is not necessary that would make the perfect gift for anyone. Everyone has different likes, dislikes, preferences and interests. You need to carefully think about a few things before buying a present for someone you care about. 

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love can be a little tiring. You want to give something unique and lovely. It is easy to create a present like that, but you must think about a few things beforehand. 

Here we have sorted out nine things to remember while buying birthday gifts-

Their Age 

Age is the most important thing to know while gifting someone. Our preferences, likes and dislikes keep on changing dramatically with age. You cannot give a colourful set of toys to a grown-up. The likes and dislikes of every person vary, but overall, certain things are common among age groups. 

It is best to keep their age bracket and generational demographics in mind before wondering about a person’s likes and dislikes. What pleases an 8-year-old will not be a suitable gift for a 40-year-old person. Along with this, the gender of the person also matters. 

If you are someone who wants to create something special and memorable, you can create custom clothing with quirky and fun graphics depending on preference. 

The Party

Furthermore, the party will also decide what kind of gift you give to a person. The gifts will also vary depending on the theme and venue of a party. A small office gathering and a teen birthday bash are very different environments, and the gifts will also greatly differ. 

You can try to picture the situation of the birthday party and how it would look if your birthday present gets opened in front of everyone at the party. 

You need to know the environment beforehand and the preference of the person you wish to gift. The theme of the party can also affect your present. If you are going to a pool birthday party, you need to make sure the gift is safe to be opened and placed at a pool party. 

Your Relationship

The relationship with the person will also decide what you purchase as a gift. If your office colleague has a birthday party, you need to give something office-related or something that gives work vibes. You can even go with office wear or custom hoodies to make the birthday present little personal yet appropriate. 

Your relationship with the person will hugely affect what sort of item you get for the person. It should be intimate and memorable if you want to give something to your partner. 

In the case of closer relationships, you can give something sentimental and personal. In professional relationships, you can get an office gift rather than a personal one. 

How They Spend Their Day

Think about the daily routine of a person. This will help you to figure out what they want or might need. 

Does the person like to work out in the gym, or do they work from home and stay home most of the time? Or they work early in the morning with little time for themselves. 

You can think about these little details and create a sensible gift they would appreciate. For example, get a coffee maker for someone who has to work early mornings. 

What Their Style is

Is the person that you wish to give a hipster or a bro? Or are they intellectual or jock? Does that person love adventure, or do they like to wear professional clothes or slip into sweats and a T-shirt? 

Take a cue from the person’s wardrobe and try to get something that fits their style and overall aesthetic. 

You can give custom phone cases to teenage girls with an aesthetic. 

Their Hobbies and Interests 

Try to make a list of things the person is interested in or hobbies of that person. After listing down, you now have the narrowed-down fields where you can purchase an item. Now, spend some time and list as many items as possible in every interest or hobby category. After that, brainstorm something that goes with items on that list. It can be small or big in size or amount. You do not have to give all of those, but while thinking, you can hit some cool ideas that you would not have thought otherwise. 

You can combine a few ideas to create a perfect experience for your loved ones rather than just gifting one thing. Also, the person will see the effort and appreciate your feelings and thoughtfulness. 

Do Some Stalking

If everything else fails, then it is best to do some stalking. Most people have a wishlist on online shopping websites or applications. Someone would be absolutely happy and delighted to get a gift they have wanted to purchase for a long time. 

It would give them so much pleasure and happiness to get something without even asking that they might have forgotten themselves. 

Other than this, you can look at the Facebook history of the person for some clues. If that person uses Reddit, you can check what type of things they have posted on the website and commented on. Also, they might have a wishlist on social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest. 

Pinterest is the best way to know what someone likes. 

What The Person Needs

This is one of the most important things to consider while planning a gift for someone. Rather than spending money and buying a thing that might be of use Or not, give something useful and needed.

Everyone needs something at every point in life. You need to figure out what that person needs, and it will make your gift more special and useful. Sometimes, there is no point in gifting decorative items that will sit in their cupboard. 

Plenty of products can be of great use to a person. You can think about the profession while wanting to give something useful. Other than this, you can get something for the home. You can even create a kit of useful and giftable items. 

For example, you can gift custom hoodies with a special touch that can be worn all the time. 

Make Present an Event

While packing a present for someone, you can try and make it a special event. It is best to impress and make someone feel even more excited about their birthday presents. You can get creative with your packaging stuff. Instead of just handing them a gift on regular gift paper, try to think of the gift-giving experience as an event. 

You can hide the gift and send them on a scavenger hunt to find the gift. Also, you can add creative and interesting clues to make the journey and the prize more special. Next, instead of giving a gift card, hide a secret message in a Twilight book and then send them a code in the gift card. 

Or you can put the special gift in a stuffed animal and let them do little surgery to get the gift out. 

Keeping these little things in mind can affect the whole gifting experience. Also, the person who receives such a thoughtful and special gift will be delighted. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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