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9 smart ways to use the QR codes in the chess tournaments

Chess is one of the oldest board games known to all, dating back to 600 CE in the Gupta Empire of India. Today, people from all over the world compete in chess competitions to become grandmasters—the highest and most coveted title in the sport.

Events such as chess tournaments now use modern solutions such as a QR code generator for easier management and smoother flow within the competition.

What’s advantageous about QR codes is that they’re versatile—they can be used for several purposes, all bringing convenience to their users.

With a QR code for events such as chess contests, it would be more effortless for organizers to facilitate the event. Here are nine ways to use QR codes for this event:

Print and digital ads

Did you know that QR codes are effective advertising tools? They are more engaging since people must scan them to learn more about the promoted product or service.

Print and digital ads must also be catchy and concise, meaning you need to put only the most essential details. With QR codes, you can provide complete information without taking up too much space on the ad.

Player Registration

Interested chess players and enthusiasts may sign up for the competition by scanning a QR code. To do this, you must first create an application form using Google Forms.

After that, copy the form’s link and embed it in the QR code. Applicants will instantly find the form upon scanning it, making it easier to access and fill out the form.

And since it’s digital, you won’t need to print application forms. With a QR code and an online form, you can cut printing expenses, provide convenience to players, and save the environment.

Tickets and passes

You can also set up a Google Form QR code for people who want to watch the games in person. Once they have finished the sign-up process, they will get a QR code ticket that they can save on their device.

When they get to the venue, they can simply show their saved QR code and have it scanned by the staff to enter—no need to bring printed tickets and passes.

Player profiles

Once you have a list of all the confirmed players, you can create an online profile for them. This includes their current worldwide rank and rating, their title, and their achievements in chess.

The profiles can either be an online document or a page on a website. Once you have prepared them, embed them within a QR code and assign one for each player.

Does this mean you’d have to make one QR code at a time? Absolutely not. You can use a bulk QR code generator to create multiple unique QR codes in one go.

Venue Guide

Fans must be in the same room as their idols to witness every move they make on the chessboard. But it can be confusing to find their assigned playing areas.

Provide your spectators with a QR code that will lead them to a mini-map of the venue. They can then follow it to find the designated room where their idols will compete.

Live to stream

Fans who cannot watch the games live can watch the event through live streams. To make it easier for them to find the stream, create a QR code for the live stream link.

With a quick scan of their smartphones, they can instantly watch the game even though they’re not in the venue.

Player standings

Spectators and fans can keep up with the scores and standings by looking at the event’s official website. On your end, provide convenience by sharing a URL QR code for the website.

With this helpful tool, they will no longer have to type in the web address on their browsers.

Social media buzz

People often post snaps of themselves or their favorite players on social media to show their support or ride with the trend.

Create a social media QR code to share the tournament’s official social pages with fans. They can then tag or mention the page on their posts. This will spread the word about your contest.


Asking for feedback from both players and attendees will help you improve your services as hosts or organizers. You can also use positive comments to encourage people to attend the next tournaments you hold.

Create a feedback form QR code that will lead scanners to a Google Form. They can then fill it out and leave comments and suggestions.

Create a QR code for your events now

Truly, QR code technology brings numerous benefits to any industry. Planning to use QR codes for your event, too? Choose QRTIGER, the best QR code generator with a logo online.

Dive deeper into QR codes with QRTIGER. Sign up for a free trial today.

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