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9 Common Challenges in Mobile App Development

As much as we are hooked with the idea of app development, we need to understand the challenges that are followed by app development. The app development project is inevitably faced by multiple challenges that need to addressed strategically.

The most successful app development projects are those in which you have prepared yourself already for the upcoming challenges. Therefore, here is a list of the challenges that you may be faced with and accordingly, you have also been recommended the most appropriate solution to those challenges:

1) Rapid Technological Evolution

The technology around us is rapidly evolving; new technologies are being developed and the older ones are getting outdated. With the rapid change in technology, it is incredibly important for businesses to progress with the technology.

Keeping up with the latest technology calls for diverse and versatile employees that are open to new experiences. The top software development company in Dallas keeps up with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that the software is highly advanced and modern. They conduct robust research on the market to evaluate the pros and the cons of the latest technology, along with understanding the appropriate usage of that technology.

2) Competitive Market

The app market is highly competitive. There are millions of applications available on the app store/ google play store for the users to choose from. These apps are built with advanced technologies and strategies to deliver exceptional services and experiences to the users. Surviving, let alone thriving, in such a competitive market is incredibly hard.

However, the solution to this challenge also lies in thorough research. Here are a few tips to enable you to come up with an application that thrives:

  • Conduct research to find out the trends and technologies that shall aid the performance of the app and utilize these technologies into the application, making it stand out.
  • Understand the consumers’ desires and expectations, accordingly strategize the application plan. This will ensure high usability of your application.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to understand what you are getting into and to evaluate how you will be able to deliver more valuable services to the people.

3) Incompetent App Development Team

Finding the right development team is incredibly hard in these times where every tom, dick, and harry claims to be an expert developer. Chances of you getting fooled at the hands of an unprofessional developers are high. Such developers eat up your money, waste your time and efforts, and your entire project ends up being a disaster.

Consequently, you must carefully pick the right development company for the project. Look out for the best app development Texas company and test their technical skills before you hire any app development company. Here are a few tips to help you assess the developers:

  • They must be offering a range of expert services including designing, programming, testing, deployment, marketing, and maintenance.
  • Ask certain technical questions to assess if they are able to respond to these queries appropriately.
  • Check out the portfolio of the company/ developers to see the kind of projects that they have worked on previously.

4) Communication Barriers

Communication is a major concern, especially when projects have been outsourced. The lack of communication creates multiple misunderstandings that negatively impact the project outcomes. These misunderstandings and lack of clarity results in delays, low employee efficiency, poor quality of app. In many cases, the lack of communication results in basic project requirements not being met.

Therefore, it is essential for you to decide upon clear communication strategy. Make sure you have sorted out the following:

  • Communication medium and platform
  • Frequency of regular discussions and meetings
  • Documentation method
  • Team feedback and review medium

It is incredibly important for you to stay involved in the project and thus, actively contribute in the project, making sure the project is robust and as per your desire.

5) Device Fragmentation

A single app developed for a given operating system has to be used over a wide range of devices. Integrating the application with all of these devices is a tough process that needs to be executed very carefully. In addition, due to the device fragmentation, testing software is also incredibly difficult. You need to make sure that the software is compatible with all the devices that shall be used.

Advanced quality assurance specialists in the top software development company in Dallas work closely with the development team to minimize the risks of errors, ensuring high quality. In addition, they utilize the most efficient testing tools and strategies to ensure the quality of the application.

6) Security

The cybercrime rates are very high! This makes the users feel incredibly unsafe while engaging with applications, especially if the app is new to them. Consequently, building trust and driving conversions becomes a challenge for business owners.

You can ensure high standards of security by employing the following strategies:

  • Minimum data collection
  • Secure/ encrypted data storage
  • Informed consent for data collection from users
  • High authentication methods
  • Utilization advanced technologies such as the block chain technology

In addition, as a new brand among the audience, you have to promote yourself as reliable and trustworthy brand through appropriate branding.

7) App Marketing

Following the previous point, your brand, its products and services have to be promoted to gain the trust of the users. However, in this time and age, when everyone is marketing through effective strategies, generating a strategy that gets enough views and conversions is very difficult.

The top app development Texas companies are offering exceptional digital marketing services that are tailored to meet your requirements, enabling you to achieve the following:

  • Higher brand awareness
  • Good brand image
  • More conversions

8) Monetization

A monetization strategy needs to be based on the nature of the audience. It should be based on the purchasing power and the willingness to pay of the consumers. Otherwise, users will never spend on your application. Think about it: why would someone spend on app they don’t even trust enough at the moment? Therefore, you have to carefully conduct consumer research and competitor analysis to make the most appropriate strategy.

9) Software Maintenance

The toughest part of owning the software is ensuring it smooth performance over time. Your app may need maintenance efforts after the operating system has been updated. Or when new trends have been introduced in the market. Most importantly, you need to update the app in order to scale your business. Nonetheless, the best software development companies make it easier by offering software maintenance services as well!


App development, in its essence, is a challenging project. It is more challenging when you have a non-technical background. However, choosing the right candidates for the execution of the project can help you effortlessly combat these challenges. So, just make sure you smartly strategies your app development project along with the best app development team.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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