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8 Clear Signs that You are a Bitter Person

As you grow older, you never stop searching for your idea of happiness. You become a slave to work because we think that money can buy you happiness. You excel in school in order to obtain a well-paying job and show others that you have achieved success in life. You endure abusive relationships because it is better than being alone and lonely.

But no matter what you do, you always feel that something is missing. There is that nagging feeling that things should have been better. So frustrations and disappointments start to wrestle with your mind. Then you become angry and bitter because this is not the life you want.

Here are the signs that you have turned into a bitter person.

1. You always blame other people.

You could not stop feeling resentment toward other people. You look at them as if they are the source of your misery. Even if it was obviously your fault, you would never admit it. Even if you did your best but still failed, you do not hold yourself accountable.

2. You complain and criticize all the time.

You rarely see the positive side of things. It is difficult for you to enjoy life. Whenever someone tells you good news, you shut them down by saying something negative. You do not see the value and importance of people and experience. There will always be something more delicious, more beautiful, or smarter. Nothing is good enough for you. You are hard to please.

3. You are never content.

For you, your life should be better than others. You want to have it all. But this is not possible. Even if you have so much money in the bank, you want more. Being satisfied and happy will never be a part of you because you constantly look for ways to get ahead of others.

4. You think that you deserve better.

Everyone deserves to have the best in life. But bitter people only think about themselves. When life gets bad, you are miserable and in denial. You should never experience misery or hardship because you always do what is right. It is just unfair that you get the short end of the stick.

5. You are never grateful and appreciative.

One concerning thing about bitter people is that they feel that the world is against them. You feel that people approach you because of a hidden motive. When a friend offers a hand, you dismiss it because you do not want to appear weak. You are never grateful and appreciative that you are surrounded by people who are ready to help you and are kind to you. You are a spoiled and entitled person.

6. You find it hard to see other people happy.

It darkens your vision when you see people having a better life than you. It hurts you that they are happy while you are not. Why do you struggle to see people happy? It is because jealousy is coursing through your veins. You even struggle to find your own happiness and contentment, so seeing others happy is like a slap in the face.

7. You are suspicious and cynical.

Trust is an issue for you. You often think about the worst in others. There is nothing good left in the world, and the people around you will only hurt or disappoint you. At work, it is difficult to delegate tasks because you are afraid that your colleagues could not do them. In a relationship, you always accuse your partner of cheating on you just because he/ she did not answer your call.

8. You are never satisfied with your life.

It is good that you have big dreams and that you can do so much more. It is good to be ambitious, especially if you have so many things to accomplish in life. But a bitter person is willing to step on other people just to be more successful than others. You strongly believe that this is okay because you should always win in life.

It is not wrong to work hard to be wealthy. Feeling a little jealous about a friend’s new car is pretty normal. Not expecting so much from people is a form of maturity. But being jealous, angry, doubtful, and critical all the time is not acceptable. We are allowed to feel all these things, but attacking other people because you are not happy is childish and rude.

You just have to live with the truth that life is not fair. You do not have to turn into a bitter person for the world to feel sorry for you. Being bitter does not mean you are a bad person. Perhaps, your bitterness is caused by other issues in your life. It could come from a traumatic experience in your past that remains unresolved. If you think that you are the kind of person described above, learn how to overcome your bitterness. You can even ask for help from other people. If you continue to be a bitter person, you are more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Visit Mindshift Psychological Services to help you change how you look at life. Maybe you just need someone to help you figure out what causes your bitterness and resentment. Our team of professionals will guide you on your journey to genuine happiness. You may contact us at (714) 584-9700

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