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7 Weird and Wonderful Wikipedia Lists You Won’t Believe Exist

Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, is home to a treasure trove of knowledge, covering everything from history and science to pop culture and obscure trivia. While most of us turn to Wikipedia for quick reference or in-depth research, there’s a quirky side to this vast repository of information that often goes unnoticed. In this article, we will explore seven weird and wonderful Wikipedia lists that you won’t believe exist. From bizarre collections of everyday objects to peculiar hobbies and interests, these lists showcase the incredible diversity of human curiosity and creativity. So, buckle up for a journey through the quirky corners of Wikipedia!

The List of Unusual Articles

Our journey through the weird and wonderful world of Wikipedia begins with the aptly named “List of Unusual Articles.” This extensive compilation, affectionately referred to as “LUA” by Wikipedia editors, is a treasure trove of bizarre, fascinating, and downright peculiar topics. From “Toilet paper orientation” to “List of people who have been pied,” this list covers it all. You’ll find articles on everything from the world’s shortest war (38 minutes!) to the infamous “Turducken,” a poultry dish that combines a chicken stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. It’s a testament to the diverse interests and curiosities of Wikipedia contributors and readers alike.

The List of Lists of Lists

Yes, you read that right. Wikipedia has a list dedicated to lists, aptly titled the “List of Lists of Lists.” This meta-list is a fascinating dive into the structure of Wikipedia itself. It catalogues various lists within Wikipedia that compile information on a wide range of subjects, and it’s a testament to the intricacies of the platform. You can find lists like “List of lists of philosophers” and “List of lists of fictional things” within this meta-list. It’s an impressive showcase of how Wikipedia’s structure allows users to navigate and explore its vast content.

The List of Unusual Deaths

If you’ve ever wondered how people met their unusual and sometimes bizarre ends, the “List of Unusual Deaths” has you covered. This macabre yet oddly intriguing list catalogs instances of people meeting their demise in highly unusual circumstances. From the tragic tale of the inventor who died by falling from his own invention, a plane made of wood, to the comedian who died on live television while making a joke about heart attacks, these stories are a reminder that life can be unpredictable, to say the least.

The List of Hobbies

While it’s common to have hobbies like painting, reading, or playing a musical instrument, the “List of Hobbies” on Wikipedia delves into the obscure and eccentric pastimes that people around the world engage in. From “extreme ironing,” which involves ironing clothes in remote and challenging locations, to “competitive dog grooming,” where groomers transform their canine companions into elaborate works of art, this list showcases the unique passions that people pursue in their leisure time. It’s a reminder that there’s a hobby for everyone, no matter how unusual it may seem.

The List of People with Blue Skin

Ever heard of people with blue skin? Well, they exist, and there’s a Wikipedia list dedicated to them. The “List of People with Blue Skin” documents individuals who have exhibited this rare condition, known as methemoglobinemia. This genetic disorder causes a person’s skin to take on a bluish hue due to the abnormal presence of methemoglobin in their blood. While this condition is extremely rare, it’s a testament to the wide variety of human experiences and medical anomalies that can be found on Wikipedia.

The List of Fictional Ducks

For fans of fictional characters and anthropomorphic animals, the “List of Fictional Ducks” is a delightful rabbit hole to explore. From the iconic Donald Duck and Daffy Duck to lesser-known feathered friends like Darkwing Duck and Scrooge McDuck, this list catalogs the world of fictional ducks in literature, animation, and pop culture. It’s a reminder of the enduring popularity of these feathered characters and the impact they’ve had on entertainment over the years.

The List of Cryptids

Cryptids are creatures that are rumored to exist but have not been scientifically proven to be real. The “List of Cryptids” on Wikipedia takes us on a journey into the world of mythical and mysterious creatures. From the Loch Ness Monster to Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, this list compiles stories and legends of these elusive beings from around the world. While many cryptids remain firmly in the realm of folklore and urban legend, their continued presence in popular culture is a testament to our enduring fascination with the unknown.

Certainly, let’s continue our journey through the weird and wonderful world of Wikipedia lists.

The List of Human Habits

Humans are creatures of habit, and our routines and quirks can be endlessly fascinating. The “List of Human Habits” on Wikipedia delves into the various behaviors, customs, and traditions that people engage in across different cultures and time periods. From the habit of shaking hands as a greeting to the peculiar rituals associated with certain subcultures, this list offers a glimpse into the complex tapestry of human behavior and social norms.

The List of Unexplained Sounds

Mysterious sounds from around the world have puzzled and intrigued humanity for centuries. The “List of Unexplained Sounds” compiles recordings and descriptions of eerie and unexplained noises that have been reported across the globe. From the enigmatic “Bloop” sound detected in the deep ocean to the haunting “Taos Hum” experienced by residents of Taos, New Mexico, these auditory enigmas continue to baffle scientists and enthusiasts alike. This list is a testament to the enduring allure of the unexplained and the lengths people will go to in their quest for answers.

The List of Invented Languages

Language is a fundamental aspect of human communication, but some individuals take it a step further by creating their own languages. The “List of Invented Languages” on Wikipedia showcases the rich and imaginative world of constructed languages, or “conlangs.” From Klingon, the language spoken by the Klingon species in the Star Trek universe, to Esperanto, a constructed international auxiliary language, this list demonstrates the creativity and dedication of language inventors. It’s a reminder that language is not only a means of communication but also a form of artistic expression.

The List of People Who Disappeared Mysteriously

Mystery surrounds the disappearances of countless individuals throughout history. The “List of People Who Disappeared Mysteriously” on Wikipedia chronicles these unsolved cases, from the famous disappearance of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart to the enigmatic vanishing of Malaysian flight MH370. While some of these cases have been the subject of extensive investigations and speculation, others remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving us to wonder what might have happened to these missing persons.

The List of Unusual Museums

Museums are typically associated with art, history, and science, but there are museums dedicated to some truly offbeat and unconventional subjects. The “List of Unusual Museums” introduces us to institutions that celebrate the eccentric and the obscure. From the International Banana Museum, which houses an extensive collection of banana-themed items, to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, featuring a vast assortment of phallic specimens, these museums offer a unique glimpse into the quirks and passions of their founders and visitors.


In this whirlwind tour of Wikipedia’s weirdest and most wonderful lists, we’ve scratched the surface of the vast and diverse range of information available on the platform. From the bizarre and macabre to the whimsical and fantastical, these lists are a testament to the incredible depth and breadth of human curiosity and creativity.

Whether you’re a casual Wikipedia reader or a dedicated editor, these lists are a reminder that there’s always something new and intriguing to discover on the platform. And for those who are interested in contributing to the weird and wonderful world of Wikipedia, there are wiki page creation agencies and Wikipedia editors who can help you navigate the intricacies of the platform and bring your own unique interests and knowledge to the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a dose of the unusual or the extraordinary, consider taking a detour into the weird and wonderful Wikipedia lists that showcase the incredible diversity of human knowledge and imagination. Who knows what strange and fascinating topics you might stumble upon?

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