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7 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding

Do you soon plan on getting married? Wouldn’t it be memorable if you considered a wonderful place to tie the knot? Planning a destination wedding will be a wonderful idea as wedding ceremonies are auspicious and only happen occasionally. If you plan a destination wedding, you guys, as a couple, will get a chance to exchange your promises at a beautiful location.

Whether you select a snowy mountain or a paradise-like garden, you will not regret having a destination wedding. Before seeing 7 reasons you should plan a destination wedding, let’s see what a destination wedding is.

What is a Destination Wedding?

If you dream of getting married at a special location, your wedding will be known as a destination wedding. In a destination wedding, the ceremony takes place far away from the hometown of the people who are getting married.

How Many Days Are Spent on a Destination Wedding?

As the destination wedding happens away from your hometown, the celebrations take around 3-5 days to end. It can also take more days depending on how much fun the close family members want to have.

When Should You Book Your Flights for a Destination Wedding?

It is wise to book travel tickets 7 months prior to the day of the wedding. This way you will reduce your expenses as late bookings are expensive.

Is it Worth Spending Savings on a Destination Wedding?

It is worth spending wealth on a destination wedding. Such moments don’t take place frequently as weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. Make it your best day.

7 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding

Let’s see 7 reasons why you should select a destination wedding for yourself


As the awareness and trend for destination weddings are spreading, many resorts organize destination weddings at affordable rates. As you approach a wedding planner, he/she will give you a number of options and ideas for a perfect location for your wedding according to your budget.

Destination weddings are more affordable than weddings celebrated in restaurants or churches, as the number of guests is less in destination weddings, which means less food expense.

A Door to Many Activities

Destination weddings are a door to many activities that can mean a lot to your closest friends. If you invite your closest friends to come a week before the wedding to the destination, you can thank them by throwing a bachelorette vacation week.

As you will save money from the destination wedding, you can fly off to your honeymoon location right after the celebrations.

Spot on Photography

The reason most couples prefer destination weddings is the view they offer. Due to the right amount of light and background, your wedding pictures will turn out perfect. It is the best way to make unforgettable memories you might not be able to create if the wedding takes place in a church.

The backgrounds are like paradise. Waterfalls, snow peak mountains, lagoons, rich forests, and sparkly beaches will give you beautiful Instagram-worthy pictures.

Maximum Fun with the Least Stress

There are many resorts with beautiful views that are reserved for destination weddings. As they plan everything for you, you don’t need to stress out regarding the wedding cake, food, photography, decorations, and other arrangements.

Many resorts have experts, also known as wedding coordinators, who know the formalities of marriage licensing and can answer all your queries, reducing your stress and letting you enjoy your day.

Extended Celebration

Traditional weddings keep the couples occupied for more than a year in terms of planning the wedding only to celebrate it for one day. However, you can celebrate your destination wedding for days as the wedding takes place outside the hometown and lasts for at least 5 days.

Moreover, planning everything yourself in a traditional wedding can be hectic but with destination weddings, you just celebrate the occasion stress-free for the number of days you like.

Option to Express Your Artistic Side

in traditional weddings, there are many restrictions and cultural hindrances. You are forced to invite guests you don’t know and are pressurized to practice some outdated traditions too. All that can stop you from enjoying your day the way you want.

Therefore, destination weddings are preferred as you can invite your peers and not the ones who will judge your artistic side. Your desire of having a fairytale wedding will come true.

It Saves a Lot of Time

Traditional weddings require you to start planning a year before your wedding day, as there are many guests, endless food items, decorations, and marriage-related documentation to look after. All of that can be handled if you go to a destination wedding. You just need to pay money and arrive at the destination some days before the date of the ceremony to check if everything is on point.

Lots of Excitement

Unlike normal weddings in a church or your hometown, destination weddings are full of fun and excitement.

A Vacation for Everyone

Who doesn’t like an excuse for a vacation? Everyone does. Planning a destination wedding allows attendees to take a break from work and relax.

Preserving Memories

It is wonderful to know you are making beautiful memories to share with your future kids. All the photography that captures the beautiful scenery is worth your effort in planning a destination wedding.

A Change

It is very common to have weddings in hometowns and churches. Give everyone a chance to enjoy themselves by planning a destination wedding. All the guests will be excited to attend a wedding away from their hometown at a beautiful place rather than a wedding at a church or a restaurant.


As a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you must make yours different and memorable by opting for a destination wedding. You, your guests, and your closest friends will have a wonderful time. Go through the above reasons so you know the significance of destination weddings.

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