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7 Effective Foods to Moisturize Dry Skin

Food is considered an essential part of skin health. If people eat a healthy, effective, and balanced diet, their skin may be able to do its protective functions. Including several foods in your diet may help protect and moisturize your skin.

However, according to the best dermatologist in Islamabad, several other foods may also hinder or prevent some of your skin’s abilities, leading to dry skin.

Dry hot heaters and chilly winter winds are a disaster for your skin. Moisturizing lotions and the application of creams work to a limit. Our skin is responsible for performing many important functions in the body and is not just a thing of beauty. The skin acts as a shield against thermal, mechanical, and physical injuries. It also prevents excessive loss of moisture. Our skin is the largest organ of our body; therefore, its health is very crucial for the overall protection of the body.

The protective function of the skin is important to prevent excessive water loss and to stop allergens from affecting the body. It is also responsible for maintaining body temperature. Nutrients are important to help the skin provide its protective barrier. If a person eats a healthy diet that provides the nutrients he requires, then these nutrients may help in supporting the skin in its protective functions.

In the contrast, if a person does eat a balanced and healthy diet, it can change the functions of the skin. Dry skin can be a symptom of these nutrient deficiencies:

  • Vitamin A
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E

Foods for Moisturizing the Dry Skin

Here are some effective foods to moisturize the skin:

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A. A baked sweet potato contains 1403mcg of vitamin A. The potato serving of this size contains 156% of the DV. However, the upper limit for vitamin A consumption is 3000mcg in a single day. Consuming more than 3000mcg can be harmful.

Vitamin A has several other benefits aside from combating dry skin. For instance, this vitamin protects against a low amount of iron in the blood and may also increase the survivability of several health problems like measles.

  1. Coconut

We are all aware of the application of coconut oil on the skin; however, eating coconut fruit may also be beneficial. The healthy fats and antibacterial make-up of coconut keep acne flare-ups away and help maintain moisturization of the skin. Moisturized skin is a key to looking younger and healthier.

  1. Beef Liver

Beef liver is also among the good sources of vitamin A. The liver is a source of vitamin A because animals store vitamin A in the liver. According to NIH, a 3-ounce serving of fried beef liver contains 6582mcg of vitamin A. A serving of 3-ounce fried beef liver provides up to 731% of the DV of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin against dry skin because it contains carotenoids and retinoids. This vitamin also helps repair UV-damaged skin and may also reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, it is also a fiber-rich food. Fiber is considered essential to prevent dead skin and alleviate redness. It is also an indigestible part of a carbohydrate that adds bulk to food, and it also keeps you feeling fuller longer. 

When you feel full longer, then there are fewer chances to eat sweets, snacks, and salty foods that are associated with breakouts and dry skin.

  1. Sweet Red Pepper

Sweet red pepper is full of vitamin C. Half a cup of sweet red pepper contains 95mg of vitamin C. This amount is equal to 106% of the daily value.

Vitamin C is effective to treat dry skin because it increases skin hydration. In addition, vitamin C also protects your skin against harmful UV rays. This vitamin also increases collagen in your skin and reduces age-related skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, and tougher skin.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fats and is considered an amazing food for dry skin. Omega-3 fats strengthen skin cells and reduce inflammation and protect against cancer. Certain fish such as yellowfin tuna and halibut also possess selenium which is responsible for preserving elastin in the skin.

If you are not a fan of fish, then look for other foods that are rich in omega-3 such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, and egg yolks to fight inflammation, preserve collagen, and keep skin firm.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are also packed with vitamin C which is a precursor to collagen production. Collagen is important for skin elasticity. Additionally, carrots also contain vitamin A which attacks free radicals and can prevent uneven skin tone and wrinkles.


Dry skin may lead to severe or chronic skin problems; therefore, it is essential to take care of your skin. The above-mentioned foods can be effective to moisturize your skin.

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