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7 Best Practices of New Jersey’s Commercial Solar Installers

Are you considering a solar energy project for your New Jersey business? If so, you’re making a smart choice that can bring financial gains and positive environmental impacts. This decision to go solar becomes even more compelling when you consider New Jersey’s electricity rates, which are approximately 16% higher than the national average, according to EnergyBot.

Starting a solar installation project for your business may seem challenging, with various factors to consider. One critical aspect is choosing certified solar installers for a commercial property. In this article, we’ll explore the seven best practices that the best commercial solar installers in New Jersey offer.

Practices Followed by Best Commercial Solar Installers in New Jersey

Commercial solar panels have the potential to benefit your business significantly. Whether you seek increased energy efficiency or wish to position your business as an eco-conscious choice to attract customers, solar power remains a feasible option. But what matters is to choose the best commercial installers to ensure the optimal performance of solar panels in New Jersey. Some of the standard practices followed by solar installers are listed below:

Perform Energy Audit

Professional commercial installers understand the significance of performing energy audits. This audit involves a thorough assessment of your site and a detailed analysis of the energy consumption of your property. The commercial solar installer provides a proposal for solar panel installation services after considering the system specifications, estimated costs, projected savings, and financing options based on your business’s energy goals and budget. It is a critical step for a successful solar installation.

Provide Design Services

Offering engineering and design services is an important service that distinguishes top-rated commercial solar installers. They provide custom-designed solar systems and create visual representations of the proposed solar system. This allows you to see how the solar panels will be positioned and what the overall setup will look like. This step is essential for ensuring that the solar installation aligns with your business’s objectives.

In-House Team for Solar Panel Installation

Professional solar installers provide an in-house team that streamlines the entire installation process. When a solar installer has an in-house construction team, it improves the coordination between the installer and the client. Also, you will have to deal with a single entity responsible for the entire project, from design to construction. This eliminates the need to find, hire, and manage an external construction team, making the whole process hassle-free. 

Warranty on Solar Panel

The warranty offered by installers safeguards your solar panels against manufacturing defects. The best commercial installers provide manufacturer warranties that extend for 25 years or even longer. The vendor will replace or fix the faulty components if a defect arises during the warranty period. On the other hand, a labor warranty (known as a workmanship warranty) covers issues like leaks or structural problems resulting from the installation.

Customer Support Service

One of the best things about professional solar installers is that they take their clients and their concerns seriously. The proactiveness to solve queries and address issues faced by business owners is unmatched. When choosing a solar company, it’s essential to ensure your chosen company offers contact options like Email, phone, in-app communications, online chat, online forms, text messaging, etc., so that you can contact them when needed.

Performance Guarantees by Solar Installers

Performance guarantees ensure that your business achieves solar power output and cost savings as promised while initiating the project. It’s important to note that not all solar installers provide performance guarantees, and some may offer verbal assurances without a formal contractual commitment. The top-rated commercial solar installers stand out by providing contractual performance guarantees, often in the form of agreements like Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPC). 

Financing Options

Best solar installers in New Jersey offer financing options to the clients for payment. Some methods, like cash payments and solar loans, provide complete ownership of the solar panel system to the buyer. This ownership makes you eligible for federal and state solar incentives, reducing your initial solar investment. Certified solar installers’ most common financing options are up-front (or cash) payments, solar leases, solar loans, and power purchase agreements (PPA).

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Commercial Solar Installers 

  • Licenses and Certifications

Verify that the solar installer you choose for your business holds the necessary licenses to operate in your area. Being licensed signifies that they meet specific requirements and standards set by local authorities. Look for installers who have relevant certifications, especially from organizations like NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). These certificates indicate that the installer has undergone rigorous training, demonstrating their expertise in solar system installation and maintenance. If you have any doubts about which licenses or certifications are applicable to a particular installer in your region, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

  • Transparency About the Process

When it comes to solar panels for your commercial property, it’s essential to work with an installer who maintains transparency throughout the entire process. There should be no ambiguity or hidden details regarding the solar installation for your business. Your installer should openly discuss each step of the process with you, from initial planning and permitting to equipment selection. You should have a clear picture of the installer’s responsibilities or those of any subcontractors involved. This transparency ensures a smoother solar panel installation experience for you as a business owner.

  • Experience and Expertise of the Installers

Look for installers who have a minimum of three years of experience in installing solar equipment for businesses. This experience indicates that they have encountered various installation scenarios and can handle your project competently. Find out how many solar energy systems the professional has installed in the past. A higher number of installations typically indicates a greater level of expertise. It’s essential to work with installers who have a substantial portfolio of successfully completed projects. Feel free to ask a series of questions regarding solar incentives you may be eligible for to assess the installer’s knowledge and expertise. 


The seven best practices of commercial solar installers in New Jersey highlight their dedication to providing professional solar panel installation services to the client. Given the continuous rise in energy costs, going solar for commercial purposes is a strategic investment for businesses. The best solar installers assure you that the expected solar energy production and associated savings will be delivered as agreed upon, providing peace of mind. Their focus on services like energy audits, precise design, customer support, and flexible financing options sets them apart from other installers in New Jersey.

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