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6 unique & catchy ideas for production of customizable toy boxes  

Toy boxes are very famous amongst kids these days. The cause behind this is the products they contain inside. They are used for keeping the playthings of our kids safe and free from damage. Their use is very common when the children are small, and they try to damage or tear off their toys. That is why; parents use them to keep the toys organized and safe in one place. Also, you can place them in those containers after use. So, your house stays clean and neat. Besides, you can find a personalized toy package for your kid’s toys which is attractive as well as functional.  

The term toy has a sense of excitement associated with it. Toy boxes are the best options to make your products come under notice. They help in preserving them, especially if there is any machinery involved. Besides, kids love to have a trip to a toyshop looking at these storage boxes. The way you design them has a direct impact on their minds. Design them by using fascinating eye-catchy fonts, colours, and artistic patterns. So, they can attract the child in a moment and stimulate purchase. Here we are going to discuss some unique ideas to customize these boxes in the best way: 

Select the Right Packaging Material for Toy Boxes

The material you use to design your toy boxes is a vital part of your brand image. Its quality affects the buyers’ perceptions. Avoid the material that looks low in quality or unsafe. Also, with the rise in eco-friendly concerns, people are leaning more towards sustainable materials. They want the same for their kids. Wood, Kraft paper and cardboard are the three most common materials for designing custom toy boxes. They give a classic and elegant look to products. Being eco-friendly, they provide notable protection to them. Also, they are the most versatile packaging materials available so far. 

They are ecological, lightweight, reusable, and easy to customize. They protect the toys during the storage, transition, and display. Thus, they let you make your package resonate with your brand image. Besides, there are a lot of heavyweight toys that kids like. For them, much stronger carriers are required that can handle the weight. For this purpose, these materials are preferred.   

Make the Package Functional

The role of toy box packaging is to shield and support the product during transit and stacking. But also, it must be easy to unwrap and use the product. The kids can easily manage and hold the box. When it comes to the shape of the container, consider the aspect of reusability. That is because most of your customers are those who want to stack their playthings back into the carrier when storing them. 

Also, think about parents who wish to store away toys once the child grows. There are also toys like card games and board games that need to be stored in the package they are bought in. In these cases, make it sturdy and long-lasting. If the packaging can be used to restore the product, this will be a bonus. Also, use a partially clear case and keep interactive buttons accessible to uplift the likelihood of a purchase. 

Be Creative for the Box’s Display

Pick the easiest and best way to transform children’s toy boxes into attractive storage. Choose the cardboard boxes, spray them or cover them with pretty fabric. It’s an inexpensive method to make beautiful carriers for storing products while also creating a well-organized box. If you have a large cardboard toy box, you can make design them into forts, castles, and spaceships.

Also, a rolling crate is an easy craft. Simply take the toy carrier and screw wheels to the bottom and a handle to one or both sides. Get fresh paint and fill it with grass and plants to create a lovely wagon herb planter. It speaks to your customers without saying that you create packaging that makes your products appealing to both parents and children. Also, think of using colours according to a particular theme. Focus on its aesthetic appeal and printing patterns that stand out from others. Well-designed containers not only look visually attractive but also provide a good platform for businesses to market their brand. 

Use Fascinating Add-ons for your Toy Boxes

Custom packaging is extremely helpful in generating a positive impression on retail shoppers. Aesthetically appealing customization grabs the attention of your cute little potential audience. Who then forces their parents to purchase your toys? It is wise to avail them embossed in various ways. For instance, they are shaped in multiple forms. They are available in

  • hinged box with partial magnetic closure
  • flip top lid style
  • rectangular cut for doll packaging with custom cutouts
  • drawer style carrier for the small collection of dinky cars 

These types of containers help in boosting the perceptional view of the customers about the quality of the products. Also, always remember businesses works on the idea that everything that glitters is gold. It means appearance has a significant role in raising sales revenue.  

Highlight your Branding Elements

Manufacturing materials for printed toy boxes are print-friendly. You can easily personalise them as per your needs. So why not take advantage of them? The best benefit is to do smart printing over them for promotional purposes. Thus, for promotion, be smart and print the name or logo of your company on these wholesale toy carriers. This is the most effective, faster, and efficient way to spread brand awareness. You can also print the details of the company like address and social media information. Moreover, print instructions on how to use the product, any warnings and so on. 

Focus on the Aspect of Protection

This is particularly important when your toy is for very young children. If you are designing for older ones, there’s a bit more freedom. Prevent your toy or packaging from having parts that can accidentally cut, choke or suffocate the child. Yes, it sounds quite serious because it is. Parents look if the packaging is safe. And they avoid anything that can even potentially hurt their kid.   

From the above discussion, you might have known various interesting things about toy boxes. Packaging companies are highly concerned about designing a remarkable package that attracts the kids. The packaging for toys is not only a means to pack the kids’ plays. Rather, it is much more than a container. Use these containers in your businesses on effective terms. They are to complement the inner packed item in terms of style and verve.Use the ideas mentioned above to make them look lovely and alluring. So, without wasting any time, follow the guidelines right now! 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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