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6 Thoughtful Flowers for the Hardworking Moms We Care About

Being a working mom is not easy as they must balance the responsibilities of their job with taking care of children, household duties, and other obligations. Even though working moms stay quite busy, it is important that they feel recognized for all they do. One way to let working mothers know you are thinking of them is by giving them a lovely flower delivery in Chicago. Here are some options- each flower choice comes with reasons why they would be meaningful gifts that working moms are sure to enjoy receiving.

1. Roses

Working mothers would appreciate receiving roses as they are a classic flower choice. Roses are available in many lovely colors, including red, yellow, pink, and white. More specifically, red roses convey deep sentiments of adoration and affection. Roses can be used in a mixed flower arrangement or given as a bouquet of twelve roses. Roses smell wonderful and add brightness to any room, whether it is an office or a house. Mothers are going to admire the thoughtfulness and beauty of this pick-me-up.

2. Tulips

Orange, pink, purple, and other vibrant colors are only a few of the vibrant, happy colors found in tulips. Tulips are really inexpensive and give a burst of color. You can find tulips in arrangements or individual bunches. Since tulips last longer than some cut flowers, moms can enjoy their cheerful presence for over a week. Tulips are lower maintenance than roses too, since they do not need to be cut or placed in water daily. Busy working mothers will be able to appreciate the lovely tulips without as much upkeep.

3. Lilies

Lilies have an elegant appearance and soft floral fragrance. They come in white, yellow, pink, orange, and other warm shades. Lilies often remind people of beauty and purity. Moms will feel special receiving these lovely flowers. Lilies last long too, providing a sweet floral scent indoors for around ten days. Lilies come in attractive pots that moms can keep and reuse after the flowers have faded, making lilies a gift with longevity past the blooms themselves.

4. Daisies

Bright yellow daisies are symbolic of innocence and happiness. An arrangement or bouquet of cheerful daisies will put a smile on any mom’s face. Daisies thrive in outdoor planters too, so moms can plant the cheerful flowers out front as a long-lasting reminder of the thoughtful gift. Best of all, daisies are inexpensive and readily available at many flower shops in Evanston IL, and grocery stores. Moms on a budget will appreciate this affordable bouquet.

5. Orchids

Luxurious orchids come in lovely shades like pink, purple, white, and yellow. Orchids feel like an extra special floral gift for hardworking mothers. Their unique blooms and exotic appeal make orchids feel high-end. Yet you can find beautiful orchid arrangements at reasonable price points too. Orchids last for two weeks or more, giving moms long-lasting floral charm. The unique orchids are sure to brighten up any home or office space. GistaHub

Any of these flower options would make wonderful gifts for the busy, hardworking mothers in your life. Be sure to pair your floral gift from Preston’s Florist with a heartfelt card expressing your appreciation. What better way to let working moms know how much they are valued and celebrated each day? Order flower delivery in Evanston today!

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