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6 Methods to Fix Instagram Not Loading Pictures & Videos

Instagram is a great platform to share photos and videos to attract and engage the maximum audience. Most of the users of Instagram watch different photos and engage with several videos daily. Instagram is not just a platform that connects you with people, but it also connects you with several brands that you like. Also, it allows you to purchase a brand after researching several.

Therefore, with time, many brands and businesses are joining Instagram because of the larger audience. Instagram allows businesses to target a larger audience and new audiences as well. With the right and effective strategy, any brand can increase its visibility on Instagram.

But sometimes, you may face a problem on Instagram, that is, photos and videos are not loading on Instagram. It may give you the idea that maybe Instagram is not working. In that case try using an Instagram Profile viewer.  But when you find that there is a problem from your end but not Instagram’s, before quickly moving to the methods to fix Instagram not loading pictures and videos, go through the reasons that caused the problem.

Reasons for Instagram not loading pictures and videos

There can be single or multiple reasons that stop Instagram from loading pictures and videos. Knowing the reasons can help you the next time you face a similar issue. So, go through the listed reasons that can be responsible for not loading pictures and videos on Instagram.

  • There may be a technical glitch in the Instagram app.
  • Your Internet connection might be of low or weak quality.
  •  Your mobile data might be weak or bad when you are trying to load pictures or videos.
  • Your Instagram app is outdated.

Let’s have a look at how you can fix the problem of Instagram not loading pictures and videos.

Methods to Fix Instagram Not Loading Pictures and Videos

The abovementioned reasons can help you to know the solution to this problem. Here we have listed every useful method in detail that will help you fix Instagram not loading pictures and videos.

1.   The Instagram app should be updated

Like other social media platforms, Instagram also brings new features and upgrades from time to time. These updates fix bugs and resolve any issues in the app. Also, Instagram introduced additional features as a new update. Therefore, always look for updates and use the updated version of the Instagram app.

Several Instagram users want to use the old version of the app and continue with that one because they are used to it. It doesn’t create any visible problems at first, but with time, the app stops functioning. So, if you have been facing issues with Instagram not loading pictures and videos, there may be a need to update your Instagram app. Update your Instagram app and re-load the picture or video you want to share.

2.   Re-install the Instagram app

If updating your Instagram app does not work for you and you are still facing problems loading pictures and videos, then uninstall the app. And re-install the app. This method can help you and you can share Instagram pictures and videos.

3.      Check if there are any technical glitches in Instagram

Sometimes it happens that everything is all set from your side but there is some technical issue in the Instagram app. So, first, check if there is any problem going on in the Instagram app and if you are unable to load pictures and videos to Instagram.

Instagram is slowed down due to a technical glitch, which may prevent users from using the app and uploading content to Instagram.

4.      Make sure that all the required permissions by Instagram are allowed

There is a possibility that you don’t allow Instagram to access some features on your device. For example, you don’t want Instagram to use the camera or microphone on your mobile device, so you did not give Instagram permission to use it.

Therefore, if Instagram does not load pictures or videos, then check that you have given all the required permissions to Instagram because Instagram won’t function properly if you do not allow the required permissions.

If you find one of the required permissions is not allowed, then make it allowed and re-load the picture or videos to your Instagram

5.      Restart your device

Before restarting your device, check cache data if you are using Instagram on an Android device. Delete all the cache data to free up the storage of your Android device. After checking and deleting the data, re-load the pictures and videos for your Instagram post.

If you find that you are still unable to upload pictures and videos to Instagram, then try another method. Restart your device because sometimes Instagram stops working and when you restart your device, it starts working normally again. Thus, restart your device and check if Instagram loads pictures and videos or not.

6.   Disable the data saver option

Instagram offers a feature that allows users to save mobile data if they use Instagram on an Android device or iPhone. You can disable this option whenever you want.

So, when you find that Instagram is not loading the pictures and videos, check the option for data saver from the settings of your Instagram profile. Then re-upload the picture or video to check whether Instagram loaded it or not.

Still not working?

If you find that you have tried all the above-mentioned methods to fix the issue ‘’Instagram not loading pictures or videos’’ and nothing fixes it, then you must contact the help center of Instagram and tell them about the issue that you are facing.

Wrap Up

Instagram is now a widely used platform for marketing a business. Because when several businesses find that Instagram is a perfect social platform to target a larger and new audience, they adopt different strategies to make their presence effective on Instagram. They don’t even hesitate to buy Instagram followers to broaden the reach of their brand or business.

Therefore, when they face the issue of “Instagram not loading pictures or videos,” they want to fix it as soon as possible. So, this article cannot only help them to know the method to fix the above-mentioned issue but also provide details of the reasons that caused the respective issue. https://businessfig.com/

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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