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6 Common Causes Of Truck Breakdown

Maintenance is an ounce of prevention which is worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance of your trucks helps ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. Approaching a competent truck servicing organization in Melbourne or your city after every trip should be the first thing on your checklist before you plan for the next. Truck mechanic services include general major and minor services, diagnostics, overhauls, brake and clutch maintenance, suspension repairs, electrical works, vehicle pre-inspection, and other necessary maintenance for all makes and models.

Signs Of Breakdown

Breakdown means failure to function, a truck cannot move due to some issue. Hunt for Truck Repairs in Melbourne or your area. Things come to standstill and delays in jobs and services come to a halt. You never want to see a check engine light turn on while going down the road. It’s challenging to avoid truck problems as its proper functioning depends on that of its internal components. Wear and tear are usual as we use it, but taking care of the problem early on can prevent significant issues. Some signals that your truck gives you are:-

  • The truck takes a long time to start, sounds different on start or doesn’t start when you turn it on.
  • Low fluids can be due to leakage, overconsumption or some other issue. You should keep a regular check on fluids.
  • You lose engine power and can feel it while driving.
  • If there is a sudden increase in the consumption of fuel, the engine efficiency lowers indicating that there is some issue. So, you should get the truck engine checked by a truck mechanic.
  • If you find it hard to switch gears, get the gearbox checked.
  • The truck starts shaking or vibrating and sounding different.
  • If you hear weird sounds from a machine, It means it needs some help.
  • When the stack turns black, it might have an air filter or engine issue.

Most Common Causes Of Truck Breakdown

We understand the hassle that a breakdown of a truck may cause. The most common causes of truck breakdown are:

• Maintenance

You have invested a high amount in your truck. Ill maintenance is a waste of money. Proper servicing by experienced truck mechanics in Melbourne or your area contributes to your truck’s longevity. Regular mend and checking on fluids and batteries help in the long run. Preventive maintenance ought to minimise the risk of breakdowns and increase vehicle uptime.

• Tyres

As goes an old saying: “Tyres win the race”. We can’t doubt the role of tyres in proper functioning. A tyre is a recurring cost (not frequent but crucial). Tyres have many other cost dependencies as they affect the efficiency and physical structure of the vehicle. 50%of on-road failures are due to tyres. Misaligned axles, over /under inflation, missing tread, and low tread depth are some tyre issues causing breakdown.

• Brakes

Maintaining brakes well is critical as it may lead to accidents. Many technicalities can damage brakes, such as contamination in the air supply and control system. External contamination and corrosion, air pressure leakage, brake system pressure and timing imbalance and ineffective maintenance practices can be some of the issues that cause a braking breakdown. Include regular and consistent brake inspections. Always approach a professional experienced truck Servicing company in Melbourne or your area. Brakes maintenance should not delay to another time.

• Engine

Tyres run when moving, brakes when pulled, but the engine runs all the time, even when a vehicle is still. It is a combination of many mechanical components aligned together. Be attentive to the engine sound; it will hint at issues. The engine is the “ heart” of a truck. So having the engine and gearbox in optimal condition is crucial for better functioning on the road and a safe ride.

• Electric System

The starter motor, alternator and battery with all the wire connections are the electric system of a truck. Flickering cab lights, a dead battery, unusual odours, clicking noises, battery corrosion, and failing meters or gauges are some signs of electric problems are all indications that something is wrong with your truck’s electric system. It’s better to consult an expert in such cases, as all systems are interlinked. One should also look for rubbed-through wires and get them fixed by a Truck Mechanic in Melbourne.

• Cooling System

A cooling system keeps the thermal reading of the engine in check,  as more heat can damage truck wires and other materials and connections. Any issues with cooling systems are almost always related to interconnections. Only a professional Truck repair mechanic in Melbourne can resolve it. The more you have, the greater the potential for the loss of coolant.


  • Your machine requires regular service and maintenance to function smoothly and prevent unforeseen problems.
  • Keep a check on fluids and coolants used in the truck.
  • Don’t ignore the signs your machine gives you for any concern about the parts of the engine or truck.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance, and repair things ahead of time to keep breakdowns at bay.
  • Monitor overhead adjustments, oil changes, engine decarbonisation, diesel particulate filter, and air filters closely and periodically.
  • Don’t delay and address things well in time.
  • Keep your trucks weather-ready. Diesel tends to gel up in the extreme cold, so you need to use anti-gel solutions and look for coolants during the summer.
  • Pre and post-trip inspections help to understand the truck and its requirements well.
  • Invest and trust in the right vehicle repair specialists.

Always reach out to an experienced and trusted Truck Repair and Servicing company in Melbourne or your area to maintain your truck well. Hoping the blog was informative enough to quench your thirst for knowledge and clear your doubts.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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