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6 Best Documentaries to Watch About Cryptocurrency

It’s no secret that the popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing. From bitcoin to Ethereum, we’re witnessing an increase in the number of individuals engaged in cryptocurrency trading. The variety of options to become involved is also increasing. You have the option of day trading, swing trading, or investing for the long term. Brokers specializing in cryptocurrencies options trading even enable you to trade options contracts on crypto assets.

The sheer amount of information accessible on this subject may seem overwhelming. Look no further if you want to learn more about the foundations of cryptocurrencies and get some inspiration to begin trading these digital assets shortly. The documentary about cryptocurrencies that are provided here will assist you in better understanding this new asset class.

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The 6 Best Documentaries on Cryptocurrency to watch are listed below:

  1. Bitcoin in Uganda (2017)

This documentary chronicles their journey following a group of Ugandans who use bitcoin to pay for their school tuition and other expenditures. Also discussed is how bitcoin may benefit individuals living in poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by offering them access to cheaper, quicker payments without the requirement for a bank account, as opposed to traditional payment methods.

  1. Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018)

This documentary focuses on how bitcoin is transforming our vision of the world around us, which is a fascinating concept. In terms of the future, it gives a glimpse into what could be possible with Bitcoin. A wealth of information about bitcoin is also provided, including how it may use to aid those living in developing nations who do not have access to financial institutions or other types of money.

  1. Bitcoin in Argentina (2014)  

Argentina’s bitcoin market is growing in popularity due to the decentralized nature of bitcoins and their potential to be used outside of the country’s banking system, which has been plagued by hyperinflation for the last decade. Compared to other currencies such as dollars or euros, bitcoins may be used daily by individuals who live in this country. This documentary investigates how they may be used and the obstacles they may face. 

  1. Silk Road Case: The Real, Untold Story (2015)

You get a new viewpoint on one of the most significant bitcoin lawsuits ever. Ross Ulbricht, the man accused of controlling the Silk Road, an online black market for illicit commodities including narcotics and weapons, is a notorious criminal genius. This documentary examines the evidence against him and analyzes whether he was responsible for administering this marketplace. The fundamental right to privacy online raises issues about how much authority law enforcement and intelligence organizations should have.

  1. Dream: The Infiltration of the Dark Net (2021)

This documentary features interviews with bitcoin specialists and law enforcement officials who examine the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies and the ramifications of this development on the illicit market and the documentary itself. Viewers will be guided through the lives of two individuals attempting to change our conceptions of money by developing a method for anonymous trading through digital currency.

  1. Banking On Africa – The Bitcoin Revolution (2020)

Banking On Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution is a documentary that tells the narrative of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Africa over many years. It emphasizes the advantages of cryptocurrency in African nations, where it is difficult to transmit money over national boundaries, and the influence of bitcoin on crime rates in the area, in particular.

The Conclusion

Cryptocurrency is a complex subject to understand. If you asked a roomful of people how it works and why it’s useful, you’d likely receive various responses, depending on who you asked. Cryptocurrency has divided opinion. Some believe it is a fad, and others question why anyone would want to invest in something that does not even exist outside of the digital realm. Others believe it is the future of money and that it will democratize our financial systems by cutting out the middleman while also making them more transparent.

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