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6 Best Building Toys for Kids That Will Keep Their Creativity Flowing

What is the best toy you can get for your kids? Building toys are perfect for your kids. For years, building toys has been one of the most popular pastimes for children around the world, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of changing anytime soon, especially for those parents who are available. With a wide range of building toys to give away. Their kids get high quality items that are fun to play with and educational too! Here is a list of the Best Building Toys for Kids.

1) Legos

The best building toys for kids are Legos. Sure, they’re expensive and occasionally frustrating, but most of us probably still have some in our closet somewhere. The classic toy has been around since 1932 and is still one of the most played toys out there. And with good reason: Legos are simple enough to entertain a toddler who just wants to stack them, but complex enough that an adult can enjoy spending hours building something complex. Lego sets are available atThe Shopswell.

2) TinkerToys

One of Best Building Toys for kids is TinkerToys. TinkerToys have been keeping creativity flowing since 1963. There’s a reason these classic blocks are still being enjoyed by generations of children: They’re made with high quality materials, they come in an array of sizes to provide plenty of options and they’re ideal for just about any age. For kids that love assembling models, TinkerToys even has a large collection of other themed building sets. Paired with imagination, Best Building Toys helps little ones learn while they play!

3) Lincoln Logs

Founded in 1916 and originally marketed under the name Novelty Preferred, Lincoln Logs were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, who had seen toy versions of his father’s famous cottages. These heavy plastic logs have been a top-rated favorite of young builders for over a century. Though new iterations of Lincoln Logs include sets that come with branded story books, it can be fun to create your own storylines. The best building toys for kids today often incorporate elements from pop culture—why not let your child be inspired by Despicable Me or Harry Potter? You’ll also notice each toy has a different building system; if your child isn’t interested in getting outside help and wants to learn on his or her own, maybe Legos is better?

4) Magformers Smart Set

Smart set is a brand new construction toy that consists of plastic shapes with magnetic connections. There are two sets to choose from: 10 pieces or 20 pieces. Kids can use them to build anything they want, including buildings and vehicles, as well as make bigger shapes out of smaller ones. This set has everything you need in one box, and it comes in an attractive case with a handle so your child can take it on their next family outing or carry it around their room to play whenever they like! It’s easy to use and educational without being overwhelming or boring, making it perfect for kids aged three years and up who have an interest in building toys.

5) Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles are best building toys for kids .All sets come with 216 interlocking plastic bricks, and they’re compatible with all other similar brand tiles, including Tegu, Klutz LEGO compatible bricks, Brio, and more. These kids’ building toys encourage creativity at all stages—from young ages through teens. Younger kids can use these magnetic blocks to make simple structures or follow step-by-step guides in one of Magna’s many kits; while older children are free to use their imaginations when building anything they want! The only limit is how creative your kiddo can be.


When it comes to all-time best building toys for kids, there’s UB UnitBricks. This unique LEGO alternative combines classic brick and block play with a twist—each brick actually breaks apart, allowing endless customization options and added creativity. 

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