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5 Steps to Take Before Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are a large undertaking. With careful planning, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant and time-consuming. Here is a list of things to do before renovating your bathroom to get you started. These will help your bathroom renovation operate smoothly. Planning hyper-functional bathroom renovations Guelph entails much space planning and paying particular attention to fixtures and materials.
A bathroom renovation in Guelph does not have to include entirely demolishing your bathroom; you may improve the design and feel of your bathroom. The average cost of a bathroom renovation Whitby varies depending on the size of the bathroom, the kind of bathroom, the type of housing (i.e., townhouse, condo/apartment, and so on), and the quality of the fittings and finishes.

Here are the 5 things you should do before renovating your bathroom:

1. Select calming and relaxing colours:

One of the most important elements of any bathroom renovation is the colour scheme. Light blues and greens are two colours to consider, but remember that there are no right or wrong colours to use. Some people like a more dramatic colour scheme, such as rich purple accents against pale blue walls. Choosing soothing and relaxing colours can make your bathroom feel more comfortable and relaxing.

2. Create an Accessible Design:

Handheld showers and lever faucets with easy-grip levers are suitable for persons of all capabilities and can be fitted at any time. Permanent features, on the other hand, should be prepared ahead of time. Install grab bars between wall studs, between 33 and 36 inches off the ground. The alternatives include a lower sink height, a wider doorway, and a barrier-free shower.

3. Create Toiletry Niches:

Instead of taking up valuable stall space, recessed cubbies in tub or shower surrounds offer a permanent settlement for shampoo and soap. It should be sized to minimise tile cuts, and the bottom should be lined with a piece of solid-surface countertop or stone rather than tile to prevent having to scrape grime from grout lines.

4. Select the appropriate drain:

A drain is a conduit that transports unclean water away from your sink. If it is too small for a new sink, you may wind up with a clogged drain or sink. The incorrect drain size can cause water to spill out onto the floor, run down your wall, or overflow into the cabinets. It would be a tragedy if you ended up knee-deep in the water during a bathroom renovation Whitby.

5. Replace the lighting fixtures to brighten the space:

Adding new lighting fixtures can give the bathroom a unique and intriguing glow. The correct lighting can help illuminate dark corners, provide a pleasant atmosphere, and even set the tone for bathroom hobbies like reading. Lights are also excellent for boosting storage space beneath your sink by allowing you to stack goods on top of one another.

For various reasons, bathrooms might be one of the most crucial sections of your home to update. Older bathrooms that haven’t been remodelled in a while and plumbing that needs to be fixed are indicators that it’s time to renovate your bathroom. In addition to detecting and removing any concerns such as mould or lead pipes (which can be harmful to your and your family’s health), upgrading a bathroom can significantly improve the operation of your household and add value to your home.

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