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5 Maintenance Tips for A Bald Head

Hair loss has become a worrisome issue for every individual out there after a certain age. The thought of becoming bald scares many, and justifiably so. Our appearances generate a great deal of confidence in us, and a good chunk of that comes from our hair and how we choose to style it. However, when one is facing the ordeal of hair loss and baldness, their sense of self starts to disappear. If you have been facing the same issue, then do not worry. All you need is a new style that may sound risky at first but is worth it. The new style referred to here is a shaved bald head. With the help of any head shaver, you can rock this style. 

But there are certain tips to keep in mind that will help one keep a healthy scalp. When one takes proper care of their scalp, their beauty is enhanced. There are certain tips to keep in mind to ensure the same. First and foremost, shave your head with a bald head shaver as the first step. 

Any head shaver can do the trick. In this article, five maintenance tips are given for taking care of a bald head which can also act as your signature style. The tips are given down below, read to understand further. 

5 Tips for the Maintenance of a Bald Head  

Many people have set the example of looking their best even with a bald head. Having a bald head does not make someone’s appearance look bad, our derogatory views do. But with just the right amount of confidence and the following tips, you can look your best with a bald head. Read on to understand the tips. 

Cleansing the Scalp daily

The first and most important step or tip is the cleansing of the scalp every day. This is a pivotal step in taking care of our scalp. Thus, it becomes important to clean and shampoo one’s scalp every day to have a healthy look to it. 

This is important because shampooing bare scalp every day helps in the reduction of oil and sweat that one may have on their scalp. Removing this sweat is important in keeping a healthy scalp, as it can block your pores and your scalp will start looking dull. Thus, clean your head every day with proper shampooing and cleansing of your scalp. 

Use Sunscreen Daily  

Having a bald head suggests no sun protection. Our hair helps us in keeping our heads protected. With sunscreen applied to your head, you are saved from any harsh sunburn. It is necessary to apply sunscreen in that scenario.

If you have recently shaved your head with a bald head shaver, it is imperative to apply sunscreen as your newly bare head is vulnerable and as a result, it needs proper care and protection. Applying sunscreen becomes important then. So make sure to apply sunscreen every day to protect your hair from sunburns and maintain your style. 

Moisturize Your Head Every Day

Moisturizing is a vital part of any skin or hair care. Our skin and hair need moisture to look and be healthy. Thus, moisturizing our scalp becomes necessary. Moisturizing is necessary for every season but in winter, your skin demands hydration. The same goes for your scalp. 

Due to the cold, one can have dry skin and a scalp that is not healthy. It can make your scalp look very dry which is neither appealing nor healthy for your head. Thus, make sure to moisturize your head once you have applied sunscreen. It will also help lock in the sunscreen and also keep your head hydrated. 

Buy A Head Shaver 

With a head shaver, you can trim your ingrown hair which may ruin your look, or you can get as creative as you wish to be. You may have to go through this step daily if you have hair growth, as small hair can be unappealing. 

Make sure to use it daily if there is any need for the same. This will help you maintain the shine of the head so the look is perfect as one desires it to be. Buying a head shaver becomes necessary then. 


When one washes their head every day, another step should be added if you have a bald head, and that is exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing your head with any scrub. It helps in clearing any dead skin and clogged pores. 

Once the skin of your head is clear, you are safe from any breakouts and rashes that may be caused by clogged pores. So, buy a scrub and make sure to use it daily. 


A shaved head can be iconic as well. All one needs is enough confidence and belief in oneself to pull it off. So, if you are thinking of pulling off this look, then do not hesitate as with proper care, you will look amazing. So, make sure to follow all the tips and it will grant you a unique look that will be highly appealing. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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