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5 Effective Ways to Bond with Your Pet 

They say, “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners”. Pets can be dependable, loyal, and fun to be around. They can also be protective, affectionate, and help you in desperate times. According to scientist Alan Rabinowitz, animals can sense imminent danger. Perhaps you’ve seen a beautiful pet-owner bond and wish you had the same with your pet. This article explains practical ways to develop a coveted relationship with your pet everyone would envy. 

1. Don’t hide your feelings from them 

Most scientists believe animals can experience and display feelings. They can sense when you’re happy, sad, or angry. Allow yourself to feel and express emotions around them. Don’t hide your tears when you’re sad before them. Likewise, laugh out loud and be happy when you’re with them. It helps them to have a better understanding of your personality. That way, they can sense when you need help or are in danger. There have been countless accounts of people whose pets saved their lives. This is due to a deeper understanding their pets have of them. Animals will call for help when they notice their owners in danger. 

2. Perform activities together 

Developing a special connection with your pet is more achievable when you perform activities together. These activities foster collaboration, improve communication between you two and help you discover new things about your pet. For instance, you may never know how possessive your pet can be until you give them a toy they adore. Like humans, animals may need supplements to remain calm and have a better fun experience with you. CBD-infused pet food or CBD oils can help your dog enjoy itself while engaging in fun activities with you. You can get high-quality CBD for dogs online .  

Animals can play for hours without getting tired, even if it’s a routine activity. The best part about performing activities with pets is that there’s no shortage of things to do. You can start by playing simple games with your pet. “Fetch” can never go out of fashion with dogs. Also, take them out for a walk, and try to share. For instance, when you buy a chocolate bar while taking a walk or hot dogs, could you give them a portion as well? Keep them close while you perform your favorite activities like watching your favorite shows, singing along to your favorite songs, or when you’re playing the piano. If you must, have them lie next to you and fall asleep together. You’ll soon become inseparable. 

3. Shower them with affection 


If you want to draw closer to animals, you best be nice to them. Pets can be fun to have around, but they also have their bad days. Yet, they can sense emotions from humans, including love, hatred, fear, and anger. Thus, they understand when their owner is angry or wants to hurt them. Pets that have suffered animal cruelty from previous owners can quickly identify. They cringe when you raise your hand a certain way or yell at them. 

In the same way, they know when you’re happy with them or when you’re about to give them special treats. Animals respond to love and affection positively. This is why some pets get excited by the mere sight of their owners, and some even help their owners with their bags. Pets like to be cuddled, pampered, and spoiled with delicious treats. Treat them like you would your baby. Keep them close to you until they get comfortable in your arms. Make them part of your family and let them stay indoors as much as possible. 

4. Train your pet 

Animals need training. It’s because they don’t have the same level of intelligence as humans. For instance, a dog will poop on your carpet or pee on your rug if not potty-trained. Also, animals and humans don’t speak the same language. Thus, training them is a way of making sure that they understand you. You can only build a relationship or form a solid bond with anyone if you communicate properly. This applies to pets as well. Communication is key to striking a coveted bond with them. Therefore, train them to eat in their bowls, sleep in their beds, poop in their potty, and run to you when you call for them. 

5. Study them 

Like humans, animals have their good days and bad days. They can be highly active and playful one day and uncharacteristically quiet the next. Animals react to their surroundings and interpret what they sense in unique ways. You can be sure of what’s going on with your pet when you have a good understanding of them. Take your time to observe them, especially when they don’t notice you. For instance, if you have a naturally active dog, you should be worried if it suddenly becomes moody and withdraws from you. It could be a sign of physical discomfort, fatal if not detected early. 


Bonding with your pet is like building a relationship with a loved one or friend. It takes time, effort, and patience. Creating a bond with your pet depends largely on your understanding of them. Performing activities together, training them, and showering them with affection can help you strike a lasting bond with them. 

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