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5 Best ways of free marketing

Selling your product or services online through digital channels is referred to as marketing. You can advertise your product or services through social media, Seo, Email, website, and mobile app. Its most important benefit is that it is very cost effective and highly targeted as you advertise your products to only those targeted customers who turned into potential buyers. Digital marketing is budget-friendly, but when it comes to new business people or entrepreneurs or beginners with less budget in their hands to start a new business. They cannot afford to hire the best marketing agencies in the market for paid promotion. So they prefer using free marketing techniques to promote their products and brand awareness. That’s why it is essential to check whether the ways of marketing they use are effective or not and how much it benefits your business. For that new businessman, here we discuss the five best free marketing ways that are as follows:


The most important and beneficial way of free marketing is Asimi. You don’t have to buy a crypto token, but you get asimi tokens just by doing a small task like watching ads, and you can use them for your product advertisement. It will not only target the right audience with the product reach but also engage the audience on your website or app and, in return, gives high ROI. IT is the most secure, safest, and easiest way to market your small or large business in the long run. Instead of doing arduous work to get potential customers, you can easily engage many consumers by minting asimi and using these tokens for free, trusted marketing of your business.

Email marketing 

Email marketing is the best free way of marketing. You have to build a free account on Mailchimp and start distributing emails. Don’t send overly promotional emails; try to provide genuine and engaging content so subscribers will be your permanent buyers.

Post on Facebook

Social media is one the best free ways to marketing tools to promote your product. It is free. Only signup on any of the most suitable social media platforms and starts posting engaging and unique content on it. Facebook is one of the most viable platforms for all businesses, but nowadays, Instagram has gained more popularity and trust. Your brand gains popularity without paying, and you don’t lose anything. 

UGC marketing

UGC is user-generated content. It is created by your loyal user and unpaid fans of your business. If someone is interested in your product and has a good experience, they share your product review with friends and family on social media to encourage them to buy it. It is a natural process, but there is no harm in promoting it. Highlight the best post of the week and offer prizes for those customers who are featured.

Customer testimonial

Generate testimonials or positive reviews on your product and services because positive remarks are beneficial, as reputation matters a lot to customers and Google. Excellent and positive testimonials enhance your brand popularity, and this is one of the efficient ways of free marketing. Make a section on the website and naturally add reviews as people trust these remarks of other people on the product.


I hope you have the best 5 free marketing ways to use them and increase your customer base without any investment. Email marketing and Asimi tokens are best, which you can use for crypto exchange and buying advertizing tools. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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