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How To Make Support Better? 40 Best Helpdesk Tools

A customer support program is very important for an enterprise. It is because it causes more customer trust and satisfaction with the enterprise’s business. It is always a question before enterprises how we could make our customer support? An enterprise must use a helpdesk tool to make its customer care service. Now the question arises which helpdesk system should we choose, and why? In this article, we have given a list of the 40 best helpdesk tools to answer this question. We hope you will find the right system for your customer care from this list.

40 Best Helpdesk Tools In 2022

It is challenging to choose a helpdesk system from the variety of so many systems available in the market. A person must know many things while choosing a system, like prices, bugs, qualities, etc. We will make your work easy by providing you with a list of the 40 best helpdesk tools for 2022.

1. Mojo IT Helpdesk:

Mojo IT helpdesk is a ticketing software that provides self-service tools. It can use different channels of communication. It is also used for the purpose of ticket management. With many advanced features, it could be the best helpdesk ticketing system. 

2. Hiver:

Hiver is a helpdesk tool that generally uses Gmail as their communication channel. Although it has many features like auto-assignment of tickets or history of tickets, the absence of multiple channel communication is its weak point.

3. TIKTING Helpdesk Software:

TIKTING ticketing software

TIKTING is the ticketing software that can deal with customer care processes and enterprise resource planning. It is one of the cheapest help desk systems with advanced features. It can deal with thousands of customers’ requests at a specific time due to its unique and reliable database architecture. It could integrate through multiple ways of communication. Due to its fantastic architecture, the TIKTING ticketing software could become the best enterprise help desk software.

4. LiveChat:

Livechat is a helpdesk tool that lets its users get support from both customer support and sales. It could communicate through various channels like email, messages, live chat, apps, and websites.

5. Tidio:

Tidio is the best ticketing software solution for small businesses. It has a simple dashboard to run the customer care service. Various communication channels have been shown on this dashboard.

6. Gorgias:

Gorgias is a helpdesk tool that focuses mainly on e-commerce. It offers  shared inboxes, self-service tools, and multichannel communication. It could be a good choice for small businesses.

7. Intercom:

Intercom is an advanced system with a brilliant support system. Intercom has a system that organizes tickets according to their importance. It could be a good choice for all businesses, but it is more expensive than other options with similar features.

8. Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is a helpdesk tool that is suitable for both small businesses and enterprises. It supports many advanced features like ticket management and reporting features.

9. HappyFox Helpdesk Ticketing System:

HappyFox is a flexible helpdesk system that can communicate through various ways. It also offers shared inboxes.

10. Salesforce Service Cloud:

Salesforce is a ticketing software that explicitly aims at small businesses. Except for some advanced features, it has all attributes that the best help desk software should have. 

11. Servicedesk plus:

It is a helpdesk tool that supports a customized view also. It includes many advanced features like reporting features and ticket management.

12. Messagely:

Messagely is a helpdesk system that uses live chat as a communication channel. It can also integrate with other apps and software to improve the customer care service.

13. Kustomer:

Kustomer is a helpdesk tool that could be used for customer support and project management. It could integrate through different ways of communication.

14. AzureDesk:

Azuredesk is a helpdesk system that includes advanced reporting and ticket management features. It could also integrate third-party apps and software to run the customer support service.

15. Atera:

Atera is flexible and straightforward to use ticketing software. It provides advanced features like automatic ticket assignment, self-service tools, and performance monitoring.

16. Zendesk:

Zendesk is a helpdesk tool that is used for managing tickets. It could use multiple ways to interact with customers. Despite its multiple advanced features, Zendesk is too expensive compared to other helpdesk systems.

17. Spiceworks:

Spiceworks is another good option to choose as the best ticketing software solution. It can deal with more than one client at a time. It also offers self-service tools.

18. Awesome Support:

Awesome Support service desk software that offers customized views. It supports auto-assignment of tickets. It also includes the facility of time tracking and  a ticket history.

19. Velaro:

Verlaro uses live chat as its communication channel. It supports the auto-assignment of tickets. It also provides performance reports of agents.

20. SupportBee:

SupportBee could be a better choice of ticketing software for small businesses. It includes various advanced features like multiple-channel communication and ticket management.

21. ProProfs:

ProPofs helpdesk tool is best for small and mid-sized businesses. It has many advanced features like shared inboxes, SLA tracking, performance monitoring, and auto-assignment of tickets.

22. Help Scout:

Help Scout is a ticketing software that includes many features like reporting features,  shared inbox, ticket management, and live chat. So, it could be the best helpdesk tool solution.

23. Vtenext:service desk tool

Vtenext is a helpdesk system that could also be used for sales and marketing besides customer care service. It offers multiple channels of communication to its users.

24. Solarwinds:

Solarwinds ticketing software manages customer support through online forms. It also provides a self-service portal. It could be the best choice for small businesses for their service desk system.

25. HubSpot:

HubSpot is a help desk software that includes the features of ticket prioritization and management. It could use various ways to communicate with the customers.

26. ServiceNow:

ServiceNow is one of the best helpdesk tool solutions. It includes a self-service portal, SLA tracking, and ticket management. It could manage asset details as well

27. Vision Help Desk:

Vision is a helpdesk tool that uses different communication channels to run customer support. It also offers the feature of automatic ticket assignment.

28. Front:

The Front ticketing software supports customization. It also includes shared inboxes and the auto-ticket assignment.

29. Dragapp:

Dragapp helpdesk software is the best option for small businesses and start-ups for their customer care service. It does not support multiple channels and could integrate only through Gmail.

30. Jira Service Management:

Jira service management is a helpdesk tool that includes IT ticketing. It supports many advanced features like reporting, ticket management, and SLA tracking.

31. Wix Answers:

Wix Answers is a flexible helpdesk system. It offers advanced features like a multi-channel ticketing system, self-service tools, and a built-in call center facility.

32. osTicket:

osTicket is a ticketing software that offers customization. It is an Open-source help desk software solution. It could also use various ways to communicate.

33. HelpCrunch:

HelpCrunch is an automated customer communication tool that helps your customer care team interact with clients through multiple channels. It also offers SLA tracking and a customized view.

34. SysAid:

SysAid is helpdesk tool generally used to deal with the internal affairs of an enterprise. It includes many advanced features like asset management, self-service, and SLA management.

35. NICE inContact CXone:

NICE inContact CXone is a helpdesk system that offers chatbots to provide limited customer care service 24/7. It also offers some advanced features like a self-service tool and ticket history. 

36. KB Support:

KB support is a ticketing software that manages customer care services through submission forms. It is an automatic help desk tool that can automatically assign tickets.

37. Kayako:

Kayako helpdesk tool is the best choice for small businesses. It offers shared inboxes for the support team, Omni channel communication, and a self-service tool for the customer.

38. Live Agent:

Live Agent is a service desk tool that probably uses live chat as its customer care tool. It could also use some social media platforms as a way to communicate. 

39. Jitbit:

Jitbit help desk system contains a simple UI through which hundreds of requests can be processed simultaneously. It also provides a customized view and could work with the existing software of the company.

40. Freshservice:

Freshservice is a service desk system that supports customization. It could interact with customers through multiple  ways of communication.


We provide you with a list of the 40 best helpdesk tools. This list is provided to make you more comfortable choosing your ticketing software. If you still can not choose your customer service tool, we provide you with the name of the best ticketing systems from the above list. We recommend TIKTING helpdesk software as your helpdesk system. Due to its low price and advanced features, In our view, it is the best helpdesk tool from the above list.

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