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4 Best Tips On Building Reading Habit In Children


There is a reason why books are everyone’s best friend, they improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge but nowadays T.V and electronics have taken over and kids want to play video games rather than read a book. Encouraging your kids to read might sound hard but is not, but if you follow the right tips, your kid will actually enjoy reading and build a lifelong habit. There are plenty of books available these days, like children’s picture books with jokes, and so much more that will definitely keep them invested. This blog will give you some tips on forming a reading habit in kids, keep on reading!

Choose interesting books

Get them books that are interesting, exciting, and visually appealing. Children learn more from pictures and colors at an early stage, so read them books with catchy storylines, adventurous plots, and curiosity-inducing elements. There are various genres of books, from fiction, adventure, and action to comical and more.

Read in front of them

Children learn from observation, so make sure to read in front of them, no matter if it’s a newspaper, magazine, or book. When they watch you read with such focus, it will surely motivate them to read as well. Talk to them about your favorite books as well. Show them how enthusiastic you are about books, and they will surely grab it.

Set a time

In order to create a routine, you should set a separate

time every day for them to read, be it mornings, afternoons, or before bedtime; this will tell them that reading every day is essential and is part of their everyday schedule.

Re-read their favorite books

Don’t be upset if they enjoy reading the same books repeatedly. It is a good sign to let them read what they want; that way, they will learn the whole story and increase their learning power. See them get better at confidence, fluency, and coherence.


It is good to build reading habits early. That way, your child will naturally form a love for reading, so follow these tips and see how they develop a passion for reading. If you are looking for some good books, you can check out Luv Beams; they have some amazing collections of books for children in English and Spanish bilingual.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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