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3 Speed Lubes For Cubes

There are many different speed lubes available on the market. Some are water based, some are silicone based and some are mixed with other ingredients to change their properties.

Most of these lubes are very popular and effective. They make cubes move smoother and faster without gumming up the plastic pieces.

GAN Standard Lube

GAN Standard Lube is a 10ml water-based lube with a tamper proof cap. The lube features a low viscosity that works best on the pieces. It combines a slew of speed enhancing ingredients into a concoction that makes your cube turn smoother and faster. It also comes in an attractive packaging that is perfect for displaying on your desk, table or counter tops.

This is the lube for you if you’re looking to improve your puzzle turning experience without sacrificing the speed you get from using a lighter lube. The lube contains a number of scientifically tested ingredients that help you achieve a smooth and fast turn without the friction of slick lubes. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about clogs or residue because the lube will last a long time.

Maru Lube

Maru Lube is a water based lubricant that helps speedcubers achieve an immediate performance increase. It works by reducing friction between the cube’s surfaces and screws. The lube is easy to apply and will last for long periods of time without leaving any residue. It also does not attract dust or dirt easily, which is a great benefit for speedcubers.

Another benefit is that it can help keep the cube clean and fast for a long time. This is due to the lubricant absorbing moisture from the air and retaining it in the cube. It’s not as effective on cubes that have a lot of dust or dirt, but it is the best option for cubers that are looking to keep their speed cube clean and lubricated for longer.

The lube is very affordable and can be purchased in small bottles, making it an excellent choice for speedcubers of all levels. The 10cc bottle will last you 260 days if used at least once per day, and is enough to keep your speed cube lubricated for more than half a year.

Cubelelo Super Thin Lube

As its name suggests, this cube lube helps to make your cube smooth and super fast. It is a thin lube that can also be used on pieces.

Cubelelo Super Thin Lube is the ‘weight 1’ lube in the Cubelelo Standard Lube Series. This lube helps to keep your cube smooth and fast by reducing friction between the plastic pieces and contact surfaces on the cube.

It is a water-based lube so it’s easy to use and doesn’t have to be applied frequently. It also stays longer on the core and screws than other oil based lubes.

It’s the best lube for the core of your cube because it reduces the friction between metal and plastic pieces on your cube. This makes it incredibly fast and stable, and can be an excellent choice for those looking to improve their sub 5.

Cubelelo Ultra Thin Lube

A lube is an important part of cubing that helps to reduce friction between the pieces, which can increase the life of your cube. There are many different lubes on the market, each one having different properties that can improve the speed and maneuverability of your cube.

Cubelelo offers 8 different lubes in a range of viscosities, providing a variety of options to suit most needs and budgets. Their Standard and Premium lubes work great together, providing a smooth and polished feel to your cube.

The Cubelelo Ultra Thin lube is a thin and fast lube that will get your cube up to speed with just a few drops. However, since it is so thin, it requires more break-in than most other lubes on the market, so it’s recommended that you use this lube sparingly to avoid over-using it.

Kaifi Ahmad
Kaifi Ahmad
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