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3 Interesting Facts About Land Development

Land developers are essential to the construction, architectural and real estate processes. Here are three interesting facts about land development.

1. Land Developers Can Provide Several Services

Land surveying is not the only thing land developers can do. Land development services also include inspections, building surveying, site construction, land conservation and building review and construction, among others. When you hire a land developer for your project, make sure he or she can perform the services you need. Land developers work closely with environmental engineers, so many of their services and roles overlap.

2. It Is a Type of Civil Engineering

Land development is a type of civil engineering. This means land developers may be involved in any area of civil engineering, including public health, power infrastructure, maritime engineering, hydraulic engineering, transportation or construction. As civil engineers, land developers weigh the risks and benefits of a project and work to ensure the project’s viability and safety. They may work with other civil engineering specialists throughout the duration of a project.

3. Land Development and Surveying Have Been Practiced Since Ancient Times

Due to its ties to real estate and construction, land development and surveying have been practices for as long as civilization has existed. Certain techniques can be traced back to ancient Egypt, such as rope stretchers used to establish geometric boundaries. The Romans were the first to recognize development and surveying as professions. By the medieval period, Europeans used land surveying to establish and maintain the boundaries of villages and other jurisdictions. In the modern era, land developers and surveyors combine traditional and modern equipment with technology to be as precise and accurate as possible.

Whatever your construction project is, you should request the services of a land developer or surveyor. He or she can ensure your land is subdivided and developed appropriately and safely.

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