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3 Creative Ways to Grow your B2B Brand

Building a brand for your B2B business in 2023 is not any easy task. There are so many companies out there already, with well-established names and envious followings, already deploying the full gamut of techniques. 

Fortunately, by embracing creativity and bringing a unique edge to your marketing tactics, you can grow your brand and build your own dedicated following. Here are 4 ways of doing this to inspire your own brand building activities.  

  1. Ramp up your Content Amplification

Content marketing is certainly not a new brand-building strategy in the B2B space. However, using as many channels as possible to amplify that content – may represent a new path for your brand. Instead of posting an article on your website, waiting for it to pick up traction and potentially distributing it organically through 1 channel, you could be:

  • Driving paid traffic to it (on everything from LinkedIn to Youtube)
  • Sending out emails with links to it
  • Partnering with other brands or publications who will send their following to it
  • Working with influencers to promote it

And this is just the start. Content amplification is an excellent way for you to build your following, expand your read and grow your B2B brand. Plus it can help you level up your paid activity, for example, improving your LinkedIn campaign management.

  1. Start a Podcast 

Here’s one tactic that many B2B marketing professionals shy away from: starting a podcast. This is probably because it sounds like a lot of work, and we’ll be honest, it’s not exactly a walk in the park. But the value of starting a podcast cannot be understated. 

Luckily, in today’s world, it’s easier to do than you might expect. Most B2B podcasters have minimal equipment and podcast from the comfort of their own home. Before you start, make sure you have a central topic / niche, plan your content, secure experts to feature and understand the tools you’ll need to make it happen. No excuses – Get podcasting!

  1. Create a Tik Tok account

Another creative marketing tactic B2B businesses are quick to dismiss is Tik Tok. Typically seen as a vehicle for B2C brands to boost their following, the value in B2B is not as widely understood. This is also why it’s such a big opportunity and why you should get in there before the majority do.

Setting up an account is easy, just enter your business info, follow the simple instructions and you’ll be ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Before you start creating videos, make sure you flesh out your ideas in advance, schedule them and try to align them with current trends – the good thing with Tik Tok is because of the algorithm, it’s much more accessible to build a following quickly. Give it a go today! 

Get out there and start building

Now that you have 3 very creative, very reliable marketing tactics to get you going, it’s time to start growing your brand in an inventive way. And don’t just draw the line at the examples above, use them to inspire even more innovative, fresh ways to reinvigorate your marketing efforts. Go forth and thrive!

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