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3 Care Tips for Helping a Commercial Dump Truck Last Longer

From making dirt deliveries to hauling trash cargo, dump trucks are used by numerous different industries each and every day. When properly cared for and maintained, a commercial truck may perform well for years to come, but for the dump truck to last, you need to take care of it. You understandably want to get the most life out of your commercial truck. At the same time, you need to optimize uptime and decrease the need for light or significant repairs. What can you do to make your commercial dump truck last longer?

1- Follow a Routine Maintenance Schedule

Your commercial dump truck’s many hardworking systems and parts endure incredible amounts of heat and friction as the truck is driven. Filth can enter the engine compartment. Fluid levels can decline. Parts will wear out. When one area of the truck is under-performing, other areas or parts may work overtime to compensate. This creates excess wear and tear on those systems and parts. You can avoid the extensive effects of unmitigated wear and tear by staying on top of truck maintenance. Oil changes, suspension and steering services, and brake pad replacements are only some of the many maintenance tasks that require regular and timely attention.

2- Install a Bed Liner

When you think about caring for your dump truck, it is easy to overlook the truck bed. The bed, however, holds and hauls your big loads. These loads can scratch and ding the truck’s outer surface, exposing the underlying metal to the elements. As a result, truck beds are prone to rusting. Rust is more than an eyesore. Over time, it will become increasingly detrimental to the integrity of the truck bed. When this happens, the functionality of the truck is impaired. There is an easy solution to minimize this critical problem. Install a protective bed liner in your commercial dump truck to prevent this type of damage.

3- Minimize Idling

Mileage does not tell the true story of wear and tear on a commercial truck’s engine. Commercial dump trucks idle for long periods of time. The engine is running and functioning, but miles are not being tallied on the odometer. Reducing idling time can minimize engine repair and optimize the life of the vehicle. You can institute policies limiting idling, such as turning the vehicle off while unloading and loading. You can also minimize traveling routes during peak rush hour. In addition, some technologies are available to minimize engine idling. For example, auxiliary energy sources can be used for heating, cooling, and other needs while the truck is in line, allowing the driver to turn off the vehicle and still remain comfortable. Other options include remote engine management and idling monitoring technologies.

Replacing a commercial dump truck is a costly endeavor, so it makes solid financial sense to take all available steps to extend the vehicle’s life. Each of these valuable tips plays a unique role in truck longevity and performance. Implement the solutions today to prevent further unnecessary wear and tear on your commercial dump truck.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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