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One haircut that has been popping up on everyone’s radar recently is the wolf cut or the layered wolf cut. This cut has gone viral on TikTok, and women adore it because they believe it is rebellious and on edge. The haircut is defined by its heavy layers and volume at the crown and looks like a mixture of the shag and a mullet. Most women go for wolf cut straight hair; some also favor wolfcut with bangs.

Many women have done it by putting their hair up in a ponytail and cutting the ends, but if you want the look you’ve always wanted, you might want to go to a salon. 

This cut is fantastic since it can be made on different hair lengths and textures and is versatile. Depending on your preferences, it can be more dramatic or subtle and lends itself well to color. Continue reading, learn everything you can, and be inspired!

1. Long Textured Wolf Haircut

There is a lot to appreciate about this edgy and excellent haircut. You have undoubtedly heard of the wolf cut or seen it on social media. 

The cut can be made on the hair of any length, but it looks best on longer hair since it gives it a less jagged, more undone, and textured appearance. 

Long hair can also soften the wolf cut, giving the top and bottom layers a more seamless appearance. 

With this long hair wolf cut, you must style your hair, despite the cut being purposefully messy. However, if your hair is naturally curly, this should be easier for you.

Are you keen on gaining instant length for your hair to achieve this awesome-looking cut? Or are you undergoing medical treatment and have lost much hair? Top-quality hair extensions made of Remy human hair can be a great choice. Alternatively, you can also try women’s hair toppers.New Times Hair offers Remy hair wholesale hair extensions and wholesale human hair toppers from single donors. Visit their site to order now!

2. Blended Wolf Haircut with Curly Hair

Blended Wolf Haircut With Curly Hair

Call it a curly hair wolf cut (or wolf cut curly). The wolf haircut is adaptable and may be in many textures and lengths. Curly hair is perfect since it is naturally full of volume and movement, accentuating the cut’s layers. 

Additionally, it gives you a softer image because of the curls; on straight hair, the choppy layers are more prominent. It also gives you a more blended and understated appearance. 

Bring out your most excellent features by wearing the cut with bangs that softly fall across your face.

3. Wolf Haircut with Messy Curtain Bangs

Wolf Haircut With Messy Curtain Bangs

There are many things to adore about the wolf haircut, which has been seen everywhere since it became viral on TikTok. Yes, wolf cut curtain bangs!

For one thing, it looks good on all hair types and lends itself easily to varied lengths. It is perfect for giving your hair movement and volume. 

It gives you an effortlessly stylish appearance by seeming purposefully unkempt and dirty.

Long Textured Wolf Haircut

Curtain bangs are a terrific accent, and the cut can be altered to fit your preferences, including how you style the fringe. These cute bangs frame the wearer’s face like a window curtain. They can transform your hair and draw attention to your facial features. They can be long or short, thick or wispy.

Again, if you don’t have sufficient length or volume, get a hair topper, and get it styled into this long wolf cut with curtain bangs. Click here to learn more. 

4. Bleached Blonde Wolf Haircut

Bleached Blonde Wolf Haircut

This cut can be simply called a blonde wolfcut. Bleached blonde hair is the top choice to showcase your hair structure while emphasizing your preferred cut. 

When wearing bleached hair, a current style like the wolfcut, which combines the mullet and the shag, will draw attention to the choppy layers. 

This color seems synthetic with a subtle yellow tinge but is ideal for wearers keen on standing out. Plus, you can style it with curtain bangs (wolf cut curtain bangs) to get a cute and modern look that highlights your facial features. 

The main weakness is that bleach may cause harm. So it’s critical to work with a qualified colorist to minimize the risk of harm.

5. Choppy Wolf Haircut with Layers

Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut

The wolf cut is the perfect place to start if you’re seeking ideas for your next unique hairdo. The style combines a shag with a mullet and gives hair of all lengths a strongly textured, excellent finish.

Additionally, the way the hair frames the face can be beautiful. The hair has movement and volume thanks to the jagged layers. With a contemporary twist, this edgy appearance is evocative of rockstars from the 1970s and 1980s.

6. Medium Length Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut With Blunt Bangs

Bright hair colors are the best way to express yourself. The blue color draws attention to your hair and facial features and adds extra glamor.

Who wouldn’t want to convey these feelings through their hair? It is also related to freedom, tranquility, and creativity. 

You can also have fun and display your playful side by dying your hair an odd color. 

A wolf cut is what you need if you want a style that goes well with your bold color choice. 

It has many layers, is edgy, and simply looks good. The color you choose can make these qualities stand out even more. 

You can create the wolf haircut on the hair of any length and thickness, giving you volume and movement.

7. Cute Rainbow Wolf Haircut

Rainbow Wolf Haircut

Only so many hairstyles are as expressive as choosing a rainbow head of hair. Because of the punk movement, this hairstyle has been popular since the 1970s. It has subsequently evolved into a more contemporary look. 

It blends several colors to resemble a rainbow and can be created in various lengths and haircuts; a great option to complement the edginess of the style is to consider the current wolf cut. This style combines a mullet and a shag, with longer layers in the back and shorter layers on top to add volume. 

You can strategically apply your color to highlight the cut’s choppiness or frame the face.

8. Daring Two-Tone Wolf Haircut

Daring Two Tone Wolf Haircut

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off the two-tone haircut, and it is not for the timid. You can use any combination of colors, from earthy brown and blonde tones to eye-catching bright, and vibrant hues.

You can also play about where the colors are placed; for example, a wolf cut might have one color on top of the head and another on the bottom. The cut is broader, with longer layers at the bottom and shorter, jagged layers on top. 

The proper color scheme may highlight the cut, giving you an effortlessly cool look.

9. Fiery Red Hair with Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Fiery Red Wolf Haircut

Red hair is vivid and assertive, making it the perfect hue to highlight your haircut and texture. Red hair suits even the most straightforward styles, but the hue enhances adventurous hairstyles like the wolf cut.

This is a wolf cut on thick hair or with thick hair. When doing this wolf cut for thick hair, you can wear your hair long or short, depending on the look you are after, and the choppy layers will be more noticeable. 

Additionally, you can style it with bangs, such as face-framing curtain bangs or a wispy fringe to soften your appearance.

10. Thick Fringe and Wolf Cut Combined

Thick Fringe And Wolf Cut

The gender-neutral wolf cut is a great way to show off the way your hair naturally looks. Some even call this cut “wolf cut male.” With this wof cut male, any length can be used and customized to your tastes by using fascinating colors or playing with various fringes. 

Keep some volume on the fringe and on your head if your hair is thick. The thin, choppy layers on the bottom half of the head might be contrasted with a more defined fringe.

The wolf cut can complement the heavy layering and reduce bulk and weight, making it ideal for thick hair. The cut is deliberately unkempt and sloppy, giving you a laid-back image.

11. Wolf Haircut on Wavy Hair

Wolf Haircut On Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the best textures for the wolf cut. The hefty layers that give the cut its jagged and volumized appearance make it unique. Short layers that get thinner toward the bottom help maintain length on the top of the head. 

Despite looking as though you haven’t touched it, styling the cut is made much easier by the natural waves in your hair. While adding volume, wavy hair can also produce a more blended appearance. On straight hair, the wolf cut can contrast and be more challenging to style.

12. Wolf Haircut with Bold Pink Streaks

Wolf Haircut With Bold Pink Streaks

The wolf hairstyle is a layered, jagged cut that combines the shag and the mullet. This is a cut meant to stand out; it is not for someone who prefers hair that fits in with the crowd. 

It is very versatile and brings out your hair’s natural texture and volume. You can alter the cut to fit your preferences, which includes coloring your hair with intriguing hues like bright pink streaks. 

Although it’s a fun way to express yourself, the color you choose also has a deeper meaning. Pink hair has romantic and feminine connotations.

13. Short Hair Wolf Haircut with Layers

Wolf Haircut With Bold Pink Streaks

A haircut known as the “wolf” makes extensive use of layers. While the rest of the hair appears thinner, the top layers are shorter to give the head more volume and fullness. 

It is a style that may be applied to the hair of different textures and lengths, including short hair. The cut will be considerably more significant and less blended when compared to hair with more extraordinary lengths. It will look choppy and might be more challenging to style. This is a fantastic alternative for someone who wants a vibrant, contemporary, and fascinating style and wants to express themselves with their hair.

14. Wolf Haircut with Textured Orange Hair

Wolf Haircut With Orange Hair

Does the wolf cut offer more coolness? It does if you wear orange hair to create the look because the hue is strong and vibrant and will draw attention. Pink hair and an orange ombre are other great ways to embrace your inner rockstar and demonstrate your willingness to take chances with the world. 

This wolf haircut, which combines the mullet with the shag, may seem difficult to pull off. Still, it is surprisingly adaptable and works with various hair lengths and textures. The extensive layering in the cut gives your hair a jagged and volumized look.

15. Wolf Cut on Natural Hair with Bangs 

Wolf Cut On Natural Hair

If your hair naturally has curls, you’re lucky because the wolf cut will look fantastic. The style gives the top of the head volume while becoming thinner toward the ends. 

Take the step and get the cut if you like the concept and believe it would be a fun and trendy way to style your hair. Your hair’s texture is appealing as it softens the layers and produces a more understated finish. You can get it cut to your desired length, whether you want it short or long. Add bangs to accentuate your features, go with the cut, and make you look younger.

16. Textured Wolf Haircut for Older Women

Textured Wolf Haircut For Older Women

The wolf haircut appears casual and unstyled, which is deceiving because it needs significant styling. It works best on naturally textured hair, increasing volume and preventing it from seeming flat. 

This cut is appealing because it is surprisingly adaptable and can be made in various ways, allowing you to customize it to fit the length, thickness, and type of your hair. The cut can provide an illusion of youth to elderly women.

17. Wolf Haircut on Straight Thin Hair

Wolf Haircut On Thin Hair

The wolf haircut is incredibly adaptable. It can be changed to fit any hair type or texture, even thin hair, but it works best on thick hair with a natural texture. Keep your hair cut short to add volume and framing your face if you have fine hair. 

The top of the hair is given greater length and volume with the wolf haircut, and the layers gradually become jagged. This can give the appearance of thicker, more luscious hair, which is perfect for people with thinner hair because it can make it look more voluminous.

18. Wolf Haircut with Shaved Sides

Wolf Haircut With Shaved Sides

While the classic method combines the best mullet and shag styles, you may also create a distinctive look with the wolf cut. This cut is trendy because it can be worn on long or short hair and on all different types and thicknesses. 

An already rebellious look is made even more so by adding shaved sides to the hairdo. The sides can also highlight the top of the head, where the layers are cut to produce volume and fullness. The contrast between the hair on top and the sides creates an eye-catching appearance.

19. Cute Choppy Wolf Haircut with Blonde Hair

Cute Choppy Wolf Haircut With Blonde Hair

The color blonde makes you stand out without even trying. Your chosen shade of blonde can make you look lighter and brighter by bringing out your hair’s cut and natural shape. 

Darker tones are better at hiding hair damage, frizz, and dryness; keep this in mind and maintain the healthiest possible condition for your hair. Blonde hair will look fantastic with a wolf cut, and you may style it to highlight your cheekbones and eyes while framing your face. You don’t have to create a lot of layers in your cut; instead, you may choose a subtler, blended look that is more comfortable to wear and highly attractive.

Using a hair topper, you can get it cut and styled into a choppy wolf haircut. It is going to be a blonde wolf cut. The hair is made of 100% Remy hair, which will mix perfectly with your natural hair, and the base will join seamlessly with your scalp. Nobody can tell you’re wearing a hair topper.

Click here to see how it will suit you.

20. Spiky Wolf Haircut

Spiky Wolf Haircut

The versatility of the wolf cut makes it appealing since you can customize it to fit your style, hair texture, and desired length. Spikes can be worn with a wolf haircut for a rebellious, punk-inspired appearance. Subtle spikes on top further accentuate the crown’s hair, giving it a bigger, fuller, and more voluminous appearance. It is best to keep the spikes small and supple; avoid the extremely rigid spikes of the 1990s.

Final Words

These may only summarize some wolf cuts of the year. More will come. A wolf cut is a heavily layered haircut that resembles a combination of shag and mullet. This hairstyle is low-maintenance, versatile, and can be created on all hair textures and lengths.

Again, if you need more length or volume of hair and are keen on having a wolf haircut, a set of hair extensions, toppers or wigs can be a good choice. They are not the cheap style ones everyone can get at a dollar shop. They are the ones that need to be professionally installed by a qualified stylist.

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