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1986 Suzuki Samurai JX Tested, how did we feel about the old car model?

Autofun Philippines – The number of automakers from the Far East eager to sell their products in the US is seemingly endless. Mitsubishi and Isuzu joined five existing Asian exporters in the first half of this decade as they established their own distribution networks here and at least two more will enter our market first. end of this decade. The first of these is Suzuki Ertiga 2023, a well-known motorcycle manufacturer.

Suzuki, which started making cars in 1961, is a relatively small automaker, both in terms of number and size of cars. Its total production last year reached just 647,000 units and the largest car it built was powered by a 1.3-liter engine. The company’s most famous car was the Cultus, which was marketed here for two years as the Chevrolet Sprint. For its first foray into the US market under its own label, Suzuki wanted a unique product, one that wouldn’t clash directly with established competitors. Fortunately, the perfect machine for the job is already available in the company’s product line:

a small Jeep called a Samurai.

Samurai is not entirely foreign to America, having been sold in Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico for several years. In fact, it has been sold in over 100 countries since its introduction 15 years ago. If our experience with our Samurai test is any guide, America is ready and looking forward to being added to the list. Every time we stop by, everyone wants to know what it is, how much it costs and where they can get it.

Under the hood, however, the Samurai differs from the practicality of the Jeep. Instead of a large displacement, slow revving cast iron propulsion, the Suzuki is powered by an all-aluminum 1.3-liter four-cylinder version of Chevrolet’s 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. Sprint, with belt-driven head camshaft. This state-of-the-art engine produces 61 hp at 6,000 rpm and 71 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm and its rotational speed reaches a peak of 6,500 rpm. The output of this high-speed hummingbird is converted to a low-speed purr by a carefully selected device.

We drove the off-road Samurai and were impressed with its traction. On a dirt road, climbing a hill that the steeper we went, the Samurai ran out of traction long before it ran out of power – and it didn’t lose grip until we were down the slope too far to back is our only option. Downhill, the low range provides a reassuring hold on Samurai speed. We wouldn’t want to haul a heavy load up a soft-surfaced mountain like the tiny Suzuki, but it certainly has no problem carrying its own weight. Samurai also move well in dirt. With its compact size and short wheelbase, it can turn quickly and squeeze through roads too tight for large vehicles. The short wheelbase also helps prevent chassis components from slipping on rough terrain.

While its off-road capabilities prove the Samurai is a real truck and not just a Jeep-wrapped compact, we doubt most Samurai will cover most of their miles. on paved roads. Unfortunately, the Samurai is not suitable for a normal vehicle in a civilized environment. Otherwise, it’s not bad for a basic 4×4.

Performance is Suzuki’s weakest area, as there’s no way its small engine can keep up with the same aerodynamic drag as its parachute. Acceleration from rest is reasonable, but decreases rapidly as speed increases. Reaching 60 mph takes 18.7 seconds, and the Samurai hits just 77 mph in fourth gear. The fifth gear, as represented by a 42.2-second time of the Samurai’s top speed from 50 to 70 mph, is useful for maintaining modest speeds on flat roads. Hills requires the use of a lower rate.

Fortunately, the Samurai move is fun. The gearbox responds precisely to light pressure and the engine delivers everything freely, with minimal vibration and an eager yearning for its red line. Naturally, we maxed out the Samurai’s powertrain during our test drive, but still managed to get a commendable 25 mpg. For city use, we found the Samurai’s performance to be quite acceptable, although it’s not our first choice for the upcoming One America marathon.

Another reason to avoid long highway trips is the Samurai driving motion. The combination of a short wheelbase and leaf springs certainly doesn’t help with highway imperfections. The slamming isn’t an issue thanks to the large low-pressure tires, but the Samurai’s constant pitching and pitching, albeit small, quickly becomes annoying. On the side road, the Samurai is more comfortable. There’s enough suspension travel to get through any grooves or potholes, and the steering feel is certainly less compromised when bumps are less likely.

Samurai is also quite fun on zigzag roads. It has responsive steering and can corner up to 0.71 g, thanks to all-season tires and a pleasant neutral ride. It doesn’t even roll over the skidpad, although the inner rear tire barely makes contact with the road when turning right. Recognizing the rollover problem associated with other vehicles of this type, Suzuki engineers incorporated extensive occupant protection into the convertible version of the Samurai. (A hardtop model is also available for an additional $150.) 

Just behind the front seats is an embossed steel structure that is connected to the top of the windshield frame by four braces. In addition, a tubular scroll bar is located directly behind this main cage. We haven’t had a chance to test the structural integrity of these parts yet, but they certainly look reassuring.

Some of the fault for the A/C’s marginal cooling has to do with the Samurai convertible. A very rudimentary box made up of stitched white vinyl and clear, barely airtight plastic sheets. It also admits a lot of noise, enough that the noise from surrounding vehicles can easily drown out the rumble of the samurai himself.

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