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14 Creative Raffle Ideas to Raise Cash Fast

Raffles are one of the most popular fundraising methods not-for-profits use. Holding a raffle is a great way to generate a lot of donations quickly.

But the face of the traditional raffle has changed with new technology. For example, online giving grew by more than 20 percent in 2020. This has allowed for more raffle ideas than ever before.

If your organization is planning a raffle, you might be wondering which approach to take. In this guide, we will share different ways that your organization can raise quick funds and have fun in the process!

Here are 14 creative raffle ideas to raise cash fast.

1. One-Off Raffle Ideas

Instead of waiting for a fundraising event, raffle off an in-kind item immediately upon receiving it. 

Sell raffle entries for $20, or $50. Then make sure you announce a winner across your social media platforms when a name has been drawn. Make sure you let your donors know which partner provided it, as this will help promote your community partner as well!

2. Door Prizes

With door prizes, organizations work to curate prizes from donations and community partners.

Then, host an event where you invite donors and stakeholders to socialize. This is a great space to promote your organization’s services and outline the initiatives you are raising money for.

At the event, each of the raffle prizes will have a cup or box associated with it. Donors can put their tickets in the cups for the prizes they want. Then draw a name for each prize.

3. An Online Raffle Theme

Online raffles have gained popularity in recent years because donors are often more inclined to participate when they don’t need to attend an in-person event. Online raffles also cost organizations less money, because you don’t need to host a large-scale event.

There are several purpose-made platforms that will help you with raffle web design. Raffle platforms allow you to manage your campaign, drive more donations to your website, and communicate with donors.

4. 50/50

Promote a 50/50 draw to your membership and donors as an upcoming fundraiser. With a 50/50 draw, donors purchase tickets to a draw.

Draw the name of one ticket holder. The ticket holder will keep half of the pot and the organization will keep the rest.

5. A Golden Ticket

Who doesn’t love a little Willy Wonka magic? This raffle replaces traditional tickets with chocolate bars.

Hide one golden ticket in a wrapper ahead of your raffle. Whoever opens the wrapper with the golden ticket is your raffle winner.

The prize should be exciting. Consider offering a fun experience, a getaway, or a large prize basket.

6. The Ultimate Gift Card Basket

Solicit local businesses and community members for gift card donations. Those who contribute gift cards will receive marketing as a sponsor.

For this raffle, approach a variety of businesses. Bookstores, theatres, grocery stores, gyms, salons, restaurants, gas stations, toy stores, cafes, breweries music stores, and tattoo parlors are a few great options for raffle basket ideas.

The more exciting the basket, the more donations you will generate from the community. Then, draw one winner.

7. Reverse Raffle

Reverse raffles are a fun twist on traditional raffles. 

With these raffles, organizations cap their entries. For example, offer 500 spots at $10 an entry. Donors know the organization will be keeping $3000, while the winner gets $2000.

Instead of drawing a name, the organization draws all the names, potentially in a live stream. The last name to be drawn is the winner.

8. Guess the Number

Raise additional raffle funds at your fundraising event by filling a container with small items. Traditionally, this is often done with candy jars. 

Charge a fee for donors to pay for a chance to guess how many items are in the container. The raffle winner is the one who guesses the closest to the amount.

9. Coveted Parking Spot

If your not-for-profit is located in an area with limited parking, consider reserving a parking spot as a raffle item. Reserving a parking spot in a prime location for one year is a great way to generate excitement.

10. Mystery Boxes

Create mystery boxes for your raffle theme. This is great if you have old swag or products taking up space in your office too. Build boxes with donated products and services from the community. 

You can reveal what each box is worth, but don’t reveal any other details. Then, raffle off the mystery boxes like door prizes.

11. Heads or Tails

For this raffle, charge a fee for a chance to play. 

Then, have a fun emcee and have everyone take turns playing heads or tails. The loser of each round needs to sit down. The winner remains standing. 

Play until one person is standing. That person wins the raffle.

12. Cakewalk Raffle Prize Ideas

If you have a talented baker in the mix or a relationship with a bakery, consider hosting a cakewalk at your next event. During a cakewalk, participants pay for a chance to play.

Let participants walk around to music. When the music stops, everyone stands on a number. Draw that number and the person on the number will get the corresponding cake.

13. Plinko Raffle Prizes

Plinko is a great kid-friendly raffle option to hold at your next event. Building a Plinko board is fairly easy to do. 

Gather a wide variety of prizes and place them at the bottom of the board. Charge a fee for parents to give their kids a chance to play. If the kids drop the Plinko on a prize, they get to keep it.

14. Virtual Celebrity Meet & Greet

Have a celebrity sponsor your raffle by donating an hour of their time to your cause. Then, raffle off an exclusive virtual meet and greet with the celebrity.

Add to the excitement by including 9 other exclusive e-vites so the winner can invite family and friends to the virtual date.

Have Fun With Your Raffle

Fundraisers are a great opportunity to engage with your donors and have some fun! But not-for-profits are looking for creative ways to generate revenue quickly, without spending a lot on events.

By trying these unique raffle ideas, you can raise funds for your organization and offer a fun experience for all your supporters.

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