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Setup Solutions Of Linksys Devices 

Using this solution guide for routers and extenders, you can easily set up Linksys devices. In this method, you will simultaneously set the Linksys router and the extender both by these simple techniques. But make sure you are up with the full connectivity to reach far places as well. 

Setup The Device Through AP Mode 

If you consider the Ap.setup as a centralized way for the Linksys re6500 setup to establish a good connection between the devices. Then,

let’s Move on to the access manual setup page through the guide:

At the start point of the Linksys setup process. Take the extender out of the box and plug it into the wall outlet. 

Press the power button and wait for the LED on the extender to turn green.

After waiting for a while join the networks of the AP extender and through the AP extender setup, with the Wi-Fi device. 

Type Linksys web or IP address in the browser space of the computer to access the Linksys RE6500 setup page and from there choose the AP setup.

By performing the above steps you will surely reach the configuration page of the extender.

Setup The Device As An Extender Mode

Take a look at a quick installation guide of Linksys.

  • Place both devices closer like the Linksys router and extender near each other.
  • The moment both devices form a strong connection the light will start to appear. 
  • Now it’s your turn to grab a wifi enabled device like a computer or a laptop. 
  • Thereafter select a Wi-Fi option under the settings of the WiFi device. 
  • A new name of the network will appear on your screen named Linksys Extender EXT following affiliation with the “EXT” network
  • You can open any web browser and type the default web/IP address.
  • The extender login page will appear on the screen in the next step.
  • Login to the extender and reach the Linksys RE6800 setup page.

Facing Issues With A Smart Wizard? Fix Them!

Follow the below-mentioned information if you are not able to access the setup wizard: Firstly, you have to check if there is any active connection on the device or not. Delete the temporary data from your active web browser like the cookies or the caches. You have to turn on the network connection on your computer. 

To enable them to ensure whether it is on or not. Directly, enter the address on the given space field of the router. Now, try to connect another browser to the setup. Finally, restart your extender by updating the latest firmware of Linksys.

Check The Login Details Of The Device

If the configuration of the Linksys extender isn’t matching then check the login details of Linksys. follow the instructions which are very easy. However, users around the globe are following these tips and getting good results. However, if we talk about the easiest way then, it is Linksys extender Login to the web address via a web browser and easily configure the credentials. Look at it, since it’s a sticker and mostly says “admin ”. In the meantime, use this detail and change the passwords and usernames now. We hope the Linksys extender login configuration is way too easy in this way. 

The Lights Instructions After Setup

You might not be aware of the Setup procedure of Linksys. However, it is the same with most of the users about the setup of the extender.

LED Lights Instructions

Despite the fact that all the lights are the same. All lights appear to be the same to people. But, like every fruit has almost the same effect but a different benefit for the body, the same is the case for every light. They indicate a different status on the extender. Additionally, every light denotes something else, on the panel of the WiFi extender. A brief explanation of the LED lights’ status is given here.


  • If the WPS blinks blue only then is the connection running well. 
  • In case the status of the WPS LED gets off. The connection, however, will be automatically terminated.

The LED Signal Light

  • The LED light will start blinking blue if the range extender and the pre-existing router will be in a fair position. We know you are really not aware of this fact. But this is true. 
  • Secondly, just verify if the range extender is nearly kept or away from the device. Therefore, also see if the solid red LED light persists. Better luck with your next procedure. Due to the fact that it clearly indicates that the extender is the one that is working, not the existing device.
  • In any case, if the extender’s LED light is off, it will not be able to connect to the router.

There may be a situation in which the Linksys re7000 setup will not go well, but the solutions provided here will definitely help. 

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