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10 Types Of Rings Everyone Should Know About!


Rings are a type of personal adornment worn on fingers. They come with their own significance and value. They represent family heritage and carry their own personal meanings. Rings are highly versatile accessories, be it lustrous, chic, minimal, ethnic or eye catching, but more than that, rings celebrate milestones of togetherness. It is perfect gift for your loved ones, be it anniversaries, birthdays, engagements or weddings or even to share a promise. Shop A Wide Variety Of Rings From Ritvi Jewels at lowest prices. There are more than 40 types of rings availible. so let’s discuss the 10 most versatile one’s in this blog. Read along!

  1. Single Stone Ring:A single stone ring features a small single stone, and gives minimal, chic and royal look and thereby providing a sleek and contemporary appearance. Our Shina Single Stone Ring will be perfect as a gift for your loved ones.
  2. Adjustable Rings:Adjustable rings are specifically designed to fit a wide variety of finger sizes. They can be worn on different fingers comfortably which makes huge demand for these rings.  Our Alisha Designer Ring makes the most versatile ring that is big and studded with American diamonds.
  3. Halo Solitaire Look Ring:A timeless classic ring, where the center diamond or gemstone is surrounded by a circle (halo) of smaller diamonds or gemstones. It adds extra sparkle and can make the center stone appear larger. Ella Classic Diamond Ring is the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring.
  4. Promise Ring:Promise rings, also known as commitment rings, are rings that symbolize a promise or commitment between two people. They are defined as symbols of love, dedication and loyalty. Promise rings are shared between lovers, friends or even families showing their unconditional support towards each other just like our Heart Zircon Ring.
  5. Nature-Inspired Ring:Such rings Incorporate elements from nature, such as leaves, vines, or flowers. These are ideal for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate organic beauty and are driven by surroundings around them. If you are too a nature lover, check out our Rose Diamond Ring or Elegant Flower Ring.
  6. Colored Gemstone Ring:Instead of a traditional diamond, these rings feature a colorful gemstone like sapphire, ruby, or emerald as the center or main stone. It offers a unique and vibrant alternative to those boring plain diamonds like our Rubina Diamond Ring.
  7. Cocktail Rings:Cocktail rings are dramatic and large, with a centerpiece attracting all attention. They are perfect for a night out on the town, grand receptions, and other special events.
  8. Disconnected Or Open Rings:Open rings incorporate open spaces mixed with intertwining patterns in their ring designs. They slightly wrap around the finger, while still not intersecting, give a modern and unique look. The Starry Zircon Ring speaks in itself.
  9. Vintage Or Antique Ring:Such rings are mostly Inspired by designs from the past, such as Art Deco or Victorian styles. They often include intricate details, filigree, and engraved patterns. It can also include a wide range of handcrafted rings as well like our Morni Rajwada Ring.
  10. Double Finger Rings:As the name suggests, this ring is worn over two fingers. The concept is extremely new, stylish and unique. Check out our Farah Double Finger Ring.

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