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10 Best Sims 4 Realistic Mods

Sims 4 is one of the most played video games and it is loved by many. The game is comprised of many different and unique mods. The game is a complete Simulation of human life. All the mods are unique and entertaining. It’s quite fun to watch your Sims coming across different challenges and tasks. The different mods in this game include hair mod, house mod, wedding mod, and many more.

You can have the hairs of your choice either long, short, or curly. You will get a lot of different and stylish options in each mod. You will experience real life in cartoonish nature. Everything will be fun and life seems to be more fun in Sims 4.

Sims 4 community is full of talented people that make the game more realistic. This game brings many new features that will let the Sims live a real human life. Your Sims can also get into a relationship get married and can set their own life. Some of the best and Realistic Sims 4 mods are mentioned below & you can also check NativeGamer For more Realistic Mods.

Sims Services:

The Sims service mod is for the Sims who are homeless and have no one to take care of. In this mod, the player has to help the Sims service team to construct a home with a group of people. The shelter is to help the homeless Sims live.

This mod is quite fun and amazing. You have to gather different instruments and tools to start building the home. You have to organize everything in the house so that the Sims don’t have to face any difficulty. The home is not only for one Sims, a bunch of people will stay in the home.

Realistic reactions:

Realistic reaction is one of the most real and amazing mods in Sims 4. In this mod, Sims will express different reactions according to the situation. If your boyfriend has to dump your Sims, the Sims can express anger before returning to normal. Similarly, you can be happy on the occasions that made your stomach have butterflies.

If your Sims has a crush on someone she can also express love feelings to the other Sims. And when your partner will cheat on you your children will also get upset in this situation. So you have the chance to express different emotions and feelings just like you did in the real world.

Best Friends:

As we all know a best friend in Sims 4 is an essential part of our life. We can share our secrets our emotions and every feeling without a best friend. Similarly in Sims 4 best friends play an important part. But it is very difficult to pick just one friend in the game.

You will meet many people at different phases and some will get attached to you and become your best friend. You can create a squad of Sims besties and can enjoy the game and have fun with them.

Meaningful stories:

This mod is quite effective for the one who has the habit of telling stories. What happens in the game is that Sims is having a rough day and they can’t tell anyone about it. Your stories can cheer them up. Your stories and your experience can add some confidence o other Sims life.

They can react so realistically and the stories can have a strong impact on Sims mood in a more realistic way. So if you are a storyteller in real life and want to get a mod that is best suited for your personality then this mod is the best option for you.

Height Slider:

This mod is quite fun and unique. You can change your game play and make the game for fun to play. Height is the biggest factor in real life also. If you have a short height you can do nothing about it just have to live with it.

Similarly, in Sims 4 you can’t change your height all other things can be changed by physical appearance including the size of your feet. In Sims4 all the Sims are almost of the same height they are not too long all of them have medium height.

But in this mod, you can change your Sims height either long or short making it a lot most realistic rather than having the same height as the other Sims.

Talkative Trait:

Some people just love to talk and want to be the narrator in real life. They want to be around people and want to tell talk to them. Sims 4 provides the talkative mod to the people who love to talk to people.

In this mod, your Sims can express her/his feeling to different people by talking to them. In this mod, Sims will love to talk about anything to anyone who loves to listen. If your Sims is confident and never shy to sit around new people then this mod is perfect for your Sims.

Slice of life:

Slice of life is one of the most realistic mods in Sims 4. It covers almost every aspect of real life. Your Sims will face many real moments that you face in real life. If your Sims is in a bar dancing then the Sims will get little redness on your cheeks.

If the Sims get into a fight then they will have bruises on their face that will show that they get into a fight. When your Sims is flirting, embarrassed, or feeling shy they will blush. So all these moments are connected to the real world. Even in real life, we come to face these moments.

True Happiness:

You are happy when you feel life when your heart is happy. You cannot pretend to be happy if your heart is not satisfied. This true happiness mod is the best mod in which your Sims can express true happiness.

This Sims mod works more realistically. This mod changes the way that events impact your Sims mod. If you want your Sims to be happy then you must check out this mod. It will bring real happiness to your Sims life.

Faster Eating and drinking:

This mod is not only for making Sims 4 more realistic but also for making it more entertaining. In Sims 4 Sims can take their meal and sit at a table for hours to finish it. It becomes quite annoying sometimes because you also have to do many other tasks. This mod just speeds up that process your Sims can now eat and drink fast and complete other chores. Now your Sims doesn’t have to sit for hours to complete their meal. 

Personality Please:

Sims 4 game is not as complicated as real life is. In this mod, your Sims can choose different careers can have varied personalities. You can have deep conversations with others and can also fall in love with your soul mate.

This mod also includes cats and dogs of different breeds. Sims are less complicated than humans they do not let the negative vibe let down their energy. Sims live in the moment and choose what feels right at the moment.

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