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10 Best Dishes To Sell For Profit In Stardew Valley

If you want to make money in Stardew Valley by cooking, these are the meals to make.

One of the best parts of playing Stardew Valley is making as much money as possible, and luckily, the game gives players a lot of different ways to make money. Most people go for crops that will make them the most money, like cauliflower in the spring or pumpkins in the autumn. Some people make as much wine as they can and then wait to get paid.

Cooking one of the game’s many recipes to sell is another choice that is sometimes overlooked. This way takes a little more work, but if you go for the most expensive meals, you can make a lot of money and still get the Gourmet Chef achievement.

Autumn’s Bounty – 350g

Fiddlehead Risotto and the Complete Breakfast are two other meals in Stardew Valley that sell for 350g, but Autumn’s Bounty is much easier to make and gives you the most money. To make this food, players only need a yam and a pumpkin, which are two of the most common crops that can be grown in the Autumn.

The meal gives you 220 energy and 99 health back, and it also makes your Foraging and Defence skills better. You can get this recipe from Demetrius. When you have seven hearts of friendship with him, he will send it to you in the mail.

Pumpkin Pie – 385g

Pumpkin pie is a bit more complicated to make than other desserts because it needs a crop, an animal product, and some store-bought items. More specifically, it takes milk, sugar, wheat flour, and pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie gives you back 225 energy and 101 health. This recipe doesn’t come with any buffs or bonuses, but it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit of fall. You can get this dish by watching the cooking show “The Queen of Sauce” on 21 Winter, Year 1, or one of its reruns after that.

Poi – 400g

Poi is one of the younger recipes in the Stardew Valley Catalogue. It was added as part of the Ginger Island expansion in the big 1.5 update. To make Poi, you only need four Taro Roots, which are a crop on Ginger Island. All year long, players can get the Taro Tuber seed from the Island. During the Summer, they can also find it around town.

Poi doesn’t do much for your numbers because it only restores 75 energy and 33 health, but it’s easy to make and sells for 400g, so it’s a good deal. You can get this dish from Leo, a person who lives on Ginger Island, when you have three hearts of friendship with him.

Red Plate – 400g

The Red Plate is not only easy to make, but it also makes a nice profit and gives you a nice energy boost. The Red Plate is made with just a red cabbage and a radish. It sells for 400g or, if eaten, gives the player +50 Max Energy.

After they have been friends with Emily for seven hearts, she will send you this recipe in the mail. Red Plate is a good way to make more money based on how many ingredients it takes to make a meal.

Rhubarb Pie – 400g

Rhubarb Pie is another food in Pelican Town that costs 400g. This suggests that pies are pretty valuable there. The recipe calls for one Rhubarb, some wheat flour, and sugar. It provides 215 energy and 112 health. When they have seven friendship hearts with Marnie, they can get the recipe for Rhubarb Pie in the mail from Marnie.

Keep in mind that Rhubarb is one of the harder crops to find in the game. The seeds can only be bought from the town of Oasis in the desert or from the Travelling Cart. If you grow any Rhubarb that is good enough for Iridium, you should sell those instead of the pie because they sell for 40g more.

Fruit Salad – 450g

The fruit dish, which is made with summer fruits, can be hard to make if players don’t plan ahead. To make this meal, you will need an apricot, a blueberry, and a melon, so you will need to have a fruit tree ready to go.

The player will get 263 energy and 118 health from eating this meal, and they can get the recipe by watching ‘The Queen of Sauce’ on 7 Autumn, Year 2 or a rerun of the show after that date.

Triple Espresso Shot – 450g

Even though the triple espresso shot isn’t quite a meal, it sells like one. The player only needs to mix three cups of coffee, which is why it’s called a “triple shot.” Even though the Triple Shot Espresso only gives the player eight energy and three life. It does give the Speed bonus, which is a must-have in the middle to late game.

It’s one of the most profitable meals to sell in the game. So it’s likely that most players who make the Triple Shot Espresso are looking to make some extra gold.

Pink Cake – 480g

The Pink Cake is one of the best-looking meals in Stardew Valley, so it makes sense that it sells well. Melon, wheat flour, sugar, and an egg are all pretty important things. So it makes sense that the Pink Cake uses them.

Players can get this sweet dish, which gives 250 energy and 112 health. By watching “The Queen of Sauce” on 21 Summer, Year 2 or a remake. The Pink Cake also has “little heart candies on top,” which is a nice touch, according to the item description.

Tropical Curry – 500g

Tropical Curry is one of the most profitable recipes in Stardew Valley. Which makes sense since it requires some of the hardest-to-find items. That’s because the recipe calls for a hot pepper, a coconut, and a pineapple. Coconuts can be found at the Oasis or Ginger Island, or sometimes on the Travelling Cart. Pineapples can only be found on Ginger Island.

Tropical Curry gives players 150 energy and 67 healt. But the Foraging bonus is the real reason to eat it instead of selling it. Given how hard it is to gather the ingredients and how much money the player can make by selling the Tropical Curry, it’s usually worth it. At the Ginger Island Resort, you can buy the recipe for Tropical Curry.

Fish Taco – 500g

The Fish Taco is probably the best meal in Funny Shooter 2 game, but to get it, the player has to put in some work. Two of the ingredients, the tortilla and the mayonnaise, need to be made ahead of time, which makes the method harder.

You will also need a red cabbage and a can of tuna fish. The Fish Taco gives you 165 energy and 74 health back. It also gives you a bonus for Foraging. After being friends with Linus for seven hearts, you can get this recipe in the mail.

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