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Ways In Which You Can Keep Your Hair Smooth And Shiny

Nowadays people are becoming more and more conscious about their hair health. As hair plays a crucial role when it comes to looks. Apart from looking hair requires a proper hair care routine. There are a lot of chemical treatments available in the market that people are opting for themselves but they need to know that these treatments can also harm their natural hair. It’s better to avoid chemical treatments as much as possible.

Also because are becoming conscious about their looks they are getting different things done to their hair such as rebonding, highlights,  etc which use extreme chemicals over their hair. That no doubt looks like but for a very short period. And leave every long-lasting effect Depending upon your hair type it is necessary to adopt a hair care routine. Whether your hair is curly, silky, frizzy, wavy, freetress water wave, etc. In this article, you will get to know about different ways in which you can keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Oil Massages

A lot of us neglect oil massages considering them useless. Or maybe most of us don’t have enough time to massage our scalp with some oil. So we just keep shampooing our hair without providing it with enough moisture. Shampooing eventually takes away all the natural moisture from the scalp and hair ultimately leaving your hair dry and frizzy. Most of the time this can be very long-lasting.

All you need to do is make sure you massage your hair with a very mild warm oil. This relaxed the muscles of your scalp, and improved blood circulation thereby improving your hair health. Just make sure you don’t leave the oil in your hair for days just leaving it overnight is enough. Or maybe you can also apply it a few hours before hair wash. But avoid shampooing dry hair.

Less Hair Styling

Hair styling no doubt looks very pretty and gives you a very nice look only for a very few hours. But the side effects and the damage it causes to your hair can stay for a very long period. So next time when you feel like getting your hair styled think not only twice but thrice if it causes damage to your hair. Because salons use very different sprays to set the hair that contains very strong chemicals.

Even if you style your hair yourself the heating tools are enough to damage your hair. Even though there are a lot of heat protectants available on the market but those heat protectants also contain chemicals that can cause further harm to your hair. So let your natural hair flourish and avoid hair styling as much as possible. Hairstyles such as ghana lemonade braids don’t cause harm so they are fine.

Silk For Silky Hair

Most of us use hair accessories that make us very uncomfortable but we use them just because they look pretty. Those accessories need to be avoided because they stop the blood to circulate properly on the scalp. There are a lot of accessories that lead to hair breakages such as iron pins, rubber bands, tight hair bands, etc. These accessories must be avoided. Try using silk or satin scrunchies as that also control the frizz of your hair.

Your pillow can be the biggest cause of your hair’s declining health so make sure you change your pillow every week and use satin or silk pillow covers. That reduces the hair breakages as there is less friction. And helps add extra shine to your hair. Always remembers to adopt silk for silky hair.

Enough Protein

Our hair strands and Hair Smooth And Shiny are made up of protein. It is because of protein that our hair becomes healthy. Make sure you have enough protein included in your diet schedule. Apart from that, you can also apply protein masks every week. Those can be homemade or ready-made. This will keep your hair nourished and healthy.

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