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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Craziest Moments and Burning Questions From Two Episodes

In the season premiere of “Yellowstone”, we saw that life goes on in the park. The animals are still adjusting to their new surroundings, but some have already adapted quite well and are thriving.

But we also learned that things aren’t always what they seem—like when we discovered that one poacher (or rather, a bunch of poachers) is still running around the park with a weaponized helicopter.

We couldn’t wait to see what would happen next! And if you want to get an idea of how much more wild things will get in Season 5, check out our list of burning questions from two episodes below.

Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere Recap

Season 5 of Yellowstone is here, and the first two episodes of the new season kicked off with a bang. The first episode, “The Half-Life,” was full of action, mystery, and plenty of burning questions for us to ponder as we watched it unfold.

We were introduced to two new characters in this episode: a mysterious woman named Alice (played by Emma Dumont) and Will’s brother, Harry (played by Austin Abrams).

There were also some major developments with the story: we learned that Harry has been working with his father’s company on an extremely secretive project known as “Project X.” We also saw that Will and his family have been struggling financially since his father died several years ago.

In addition to these ongoing storylines throughout the show, we got some great new footage of Yellowstone itself too! In one scene we saw a wolf attack a buffalo while another showed a grizzly bear looking through binoculars at something up in the mountains.

All in all, it was a great start to Season 5!

The fifth season of Yellowstone premieres tonight and it’s sure to be an exciting one. From the first episode, we’ve already seen some incredible moments from the show, including a man who survived being eaten by an animal, a horse that was shot in the head to get rid of the bullet, and a grizzly bear trying to eat a bull.

But we want to know: what are some of your favorite crazy moments from this season? Let us know in the comments below!

When it comes to the world of Yellowstone, there’s one thing that’s always been a constant: the question of who killed John Colter.

In Season 5, we finally got an answer—and it was… not what we expected. But how does this change the way you feel about the show? What do you think about this latest twist in the season? Let us know in the comments below!

The Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone is here and we’re ready to dive into the craziest moments.

First, let’s look at the burning questions from two episodes.

Here are the top five:

What happened to Brooks? Did he really die? Is it possible for someone to survive being shot by a bullet that was meant for his head? Will we ever find out what happened to Reggie, or why he was so angry at John in the beginning of the season? What’s going on with Stiller and Kate? Are they coming back together now that things have calmed down at Yellowrock Ranch? Is Teddy going to be okay after he was shot in the chest by Brooks?

The fifth season of Yellowstone has been an incredible ride so far, and that’s not just because of the stars. It’s also because of the incredible cast and crew who bring this show to life every Sunday night.

We’ve seen some pretty intense stuff happen so far in this season—and we’re not done yet! Here are some of our favorite moments from two episodes:

Lodge explosion

The biggest shocker so far? The Big Horn Mountain Lodge explosion! In episode 2, we saw how badly that fire affected the guests at the lodge, and it left them in shock after it happened. But that’s not all: In episode 3, we found out exactly what happened to Colleen (played by Jennifer Forester) after she was rescued from being trapped at the top of a mountain by Frank (played by Kevin Costner).

The Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone was a wild ride, and we’re still reeling from it. The episode opens with a quick recap of the events on-screen that have led up to this moment—the massive earthquake, the wildfire, and the mysterious cave. (Mitch Bundey’s not-so-subtle wink at us, though.)

It then cuts to the present day: we see a team of scientists who have been working on a new way to detect volcanoes using satellite data. They’re able to locate one by using some intense thermal imaging cameras, and they set up camp around it while they continue to monitor their readings. But then everything goes wrong: one of the scientists gets injured, another is nearly killed by a landslide triggered by an earthquake, and another has her arm caught in something (she’ll be okay).

Hell’s Gate

And then there’s Sarah Palmer! She’s back in town after being away for most of Season 4—and she doesn’t look happy about it. She demands answers from Mitch Bundey about what happened in Hell’s Gate that caused him to leave her family behind when he left Wyoming for Washington D.C., but Mitch refuses to give any information about where he went or why he left without telling anyone else

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Craziest Moments and Burning Questions From Two Episodes

The first two episodes of Season 5 of “Yellowstone” have been a wild ride. The show hasn’t always been consistent, but even when it was, it was still engaging and fun to watch. It seems like the new season is going to continue that trend.

Here are some of the crazy moments from the first two episodes of Season 5:

-When Jonah and Susannah argue about whether or not Jonah is on tequila because he hit her with his car. They end up making out in Jonah’s truck while they wait for a tow truck to come and tow their vehicle away.

Final Thoughts

-When Calamity Jane’s ghost shows up on her house and tells her about how she killed herself by jumping off a cliff because she was pregnant with William Clark Cody’s baby (who turned out to be a son). Then Calamity Jane gets really mad at him for being so mean to her ghost when she died.

The Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone is here, and it’s full of crazy moments. We’re talking about the most insane moments from the first two episodes of the season, which aired on April 3rd and 4th.

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