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Witness the wildlife: the top 5 national parks in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is home to different national parks which will show you the flora, fauna, and landscapes of the region. The country has a wealthy biodiversity. It is home to some of the rarest and endangered species of animals. These five National Parks In Azerbaijan will not only let you see all that is mentioned but also you can go for many outdoor activities in this Park. So go ahead and explore these parks with the Azerbaijan travel guide:

Shivran National Park

This is one of the most protected and important areas of Azerbaijan. It has an area of over 54 thousand hectares. Migratory birds frequently visit this park when it is in the season. This makes it the perfect spot for you if you are a bird watcher. During the migration season, there are over 200 bird species that can be found here. These are the birds like flamingos, pelicans, and storks. The park is also home to various habitats like wetlands, reed beds, and mudflats. There is also a big range of wildlife here. You will get to see animals like gazelles, jackals, and wild boars. You must keep your camera and binoculars handy when you visit this park.

Goygol National Park

It is situated in the western part of Azerbaijan. This park is named after Lake Goygol. It is a beautiful glacial lake. It mirrors the surrounding mountains in it during the cold season when the glacier forms on the lake. This is a sight to behold. The landscape here is a mix of meadows, forests, and mountainous terrain. You will have an excellent opportunity for hiking here if you are looking for it. There are beautiful trails that lead up to points from where you can see the lake itself along with the surroundings. There are also various wildlife that can be found here like Caucasian red deer, brown bear, and the rare Caucasian Leopard.

Hirkan National Park

It is situated in the southeastern part of Azerbaijan. This national park is a part of the larger Hikran Forest. This forest is one of the most well-preserved and temperate rainforests in the world. There are various varieties of flora and fauna that can be found here. Rare plant species and the endangered Persian Leopard can also be seen here. There are a few hiking trails here as well where if you take a hike you will encounter some of the most scenic views and waterfalls in the region. Do not forget to have a camera in your hands to capture these moments.

Altyaghach National Park

It is situated in the northern part of Azerbaijan.The landscape here is a mix of rocky outcrops, forests, and beautiful grass plains. This provides a home to various wildlife. You can find various animals here like the Caucasian tur, wild goats, and many bird species that reside here. If you are a bird lover then worry not as there are bird-watching spots here. Come prepared with your binoculars and watch these birds in peace.

Zangezur National Park

It is situated in the southern part of Azerbaijan. It is the border of Armenia and Iran. Zangezur National Park is truly wonderful. The park passes through the Zangezur range. The highest peak reaches 3000 meters above sea level. Again if you love hiking then go wild here as there are numerous hiking trails in this place. These trails pass through picturesque alpine meadows, densely lush forests, and glacial valleys. Have your mobile phone or camera ready when you hike through these trails to capture the beauty of it. The park’s flora and fauna include Bezoar ibex and Caucasian Lynx. These make it the perfect place for wildlife lovers.


Discover the wonders of Azerbaijan’s National Parks with the expertise of the Best International Tour and Travel Operator. These parks offer an Amazon range of wildlife and landscapes, providing a unique opportunity to explore the coastal beauty of Shivran and the ancient forests near Iran. When planning your next tour to Azerbaijan, make sure to partner with the Best International Tour and Travel Operator to ensure a truly exceptional experience as you delve into the diverse offerings of these remarkable national parks.

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