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Windows 11 Local Account Vs. Microsoft Account

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and builds on the same foundation as Windows 10, having lots of capabilities and valuable features. One of the helpful features is using windows with Microsoft accounts. According to Microsoft, this new feature is necessary to get the best benefit of Windows 11 features and apps. Although there are additional benefits to using an online account, many users still want to use the local account with a more traditional experience. However, they must be ready to make the switch to access the exciting online features available via the online option.

This article will discuss things to let you familiarize yourself with these two types of Microsoft accounts.

Local account in Windows 11

You can create a local or offline account in Windows 11, which doesn’t require an internet connection to be fully functional. You can make such an account for your private tasks and create one by not connecting to the internet until you access Windows after your computer’s initial setup. You can add a new local account in Windows 11 in many ways by choosing any which suits you. If you have an online account and have gained access to Windows, you can switch between local and online accounts in the Windows Settings Menu.

Some of the features of the local account are

1. More secure

A local account is more secure as it will not work on any other computer.

2. Private

The local account is private as its settings are not transferable to another computer or a remote server. Everything is stored on one computer.

3. Customizable

A local account is customizable, as you can set it up with a custom login name rather than an email address. The login name will show up on the login screen every time you start your computer.

4. Internet independent

Local login enables you to retrieve the user settings and preferences without an internet connection. By choosing a local account to set up on your computer, you can get the same user experience as previous versions of Windows. In addition, you can log in offline, modify your settings, add new software and mold a private user area for yourself on the system.

Online account in window 11

An online account also called a Microsoft account, is the online version of a computer user account. It allows you to access, edit, and share files from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, Microsoft accounts give you access to all of the Microsoft online services such as Windows Messenger, OneDrive, Outlook, Hotmail, and Xbox Live are all linked with Microsoft accounts. Other Microsoft services include access to Microsoft Store apps, free cloud storage, and seamless syncing of accounts.

Some of the features of the online account are

1. Window store

Microsoft accounts give you access to the Windows store so that you can download lots of apps to your Windows computer. This store consists of games, sports, music, news, photo, entertainment, etc. Some apps are paid, but most are free and provide the best user experience.

2. Free cloud storage

Microsoft account provides you with 5GB of storage space in the cloud, free of charge. The service is called one drive, enabling you to store files online, which you can access from any other internet-enabled device. With one drive, you can share files with others, edit files quickly, and use the Microsoft office tool online.

3. Sync your account settings

It is an exciting feature that stores your Windows 11 account settings in the cloud. Once logged into your Microsoft account, the changes apply to all your Windows devices. The settings sync includes network profiles, passwords, and app settings integrated into the account.


Both accounts, i.e., local and offline, are good options as both have good features. However, the utility of both accounts depends on the users’ requirements. Microsoft accounts offer many features compared to local accounts, but it doesn’t imply that it is for everyone.

For example, a Local account is satisfactory if you have one computer and don’t need to access it everywhere; however, if you want more Windows 11 user experience functionality, you can choose a Microsoft account. Moreover, despite having a local account you can set up an online Microsoft account so that you can access all the features of Windows 11 and switch according to your needs. 

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